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Monday 3rd March 2008

CentreRight selections:

  • Ash2Tim Montgomerie thinks he may have discovered another new low in journalism.
  • Martin Parsons notes that Labour is still funding Islamist groups.
  • Cameron Watt worries at latest data on people's willingness to men Britain's broken society.
  • From one cyclist to another... Tim Montgomerie issues a warning to David Cameron.
  • Liam Fox wonders if the new Russian President might help resolve the Kosovo issue.
  • Jill Kirby pokes fun at the Government's excuses for failing on child poverty.
  • Get your calculator out: Peter Franklin thinks every MP should have as many votes in Commons debates as they have constituents.
  • Andrew Lilico notes that turnout in the I Want A Referendum ballots exceeded that of European Elections.

3pm ToryDiary: A rehabilitation revolution

1pm LondonMayor: Boris launches transport manifesto

ToryDiary: Tories plan to put 100,000 people in jails, with new focus on work and rehabilitation


David Gauke MP on Platform: Why should dishonest or incompetent MPs be secure until the next General Election?

Local government: Gloucestershire Conservatives use council tax to put 63 more police officers on the county's streets

Hamish Marshall on CentreRight:  A Hollywood film that features Muslim terrorists who hate America

David Cameron promises 'jobs for the girls'


"In his obsession with changing his party's image, David Cameron has said he wants a third of all ministerial posts in a Tory government to be filled by women.  How will that solve Britain's problems? One of the biggest handicaps facing all Prime Ministers is the pitifully small pool of talent from which they must draw their governments.  That's how we've ended up with so many second-raters (of both sexes) in positions of power.  By picking only from women to fill 36 ministerial jobs, won't Mr Cameron be limiting the pool yet further?" - Mail leader | Daily Mail story

Yesterday's ToryDiary discussed the difficulties of David Cameron's aspiration on women's ministers.

How the Government is funding groups with links to extremists

The Telegraph's Philip Johnston reports on the concerns of Paul Goodman MP that public money isn't going to the right Muslim groups.

Christopher Chope, Richard Ottaway and John Whittingdale seek Chairmanship of 1922 Committee - Times

Ten constituencies vote overwhelmingly for referendum on Lisbon Treaty - Telegraph | ToryDiary

Brown allies say Labour are working towards a 2009 General Election - FT

Jackie Ashley pays tribute to Tory sure-footedness and urges Brown to use his fists against powerful interests if he is to recover - The Guardian

MPs sack 50 staff members in wake of Derek Conway scandal

"More than 50 MPs have laid off members of their staff after the Derek Conway expenses scandal, it emerged yesterday.  The researchers being dismissed by MPs are largely thought to be family members and the mass exodus suggests that many MPs are unwilling to publicly defend or justify their employment." - Telegraph

DuncanalanrightwardsTory MP Alan Duncan to enter civil partnership

"A senior member of David Cameron's team is to become the first Conservative MP to enter into a civil partnership.  Alan Duncan, the shadow business secretary, will make political history with his announcement in The Daily Telegraph today.  Mr Duncan, 50, an MP since 1992, will be the first member of the Cabinet or shadow cabinet to have entered into a legal partnership with a same-sex partner." - Telegraph

Andrew Gilligan discusses his war with Ken Livingstone - Independent

Labour's benefits system discourages living together

"Three out of four ordinary families would be better off living apart than sharing a home under Labour's benefits system.  Tax credits and benefits are increasingly skewed towards single mothers, a study has shown.  A typical couple on a low or middle income would be £69 a week better off if they lived apart." - Daily Mail

Labour will fail to meet child poverty targets - BBC

NHS parking in Wales 'to be free' - BBC

Ming Campbell denies that he attacked Clegg's Commons walkout - Independent

Brown may attempt restart of UK-Russian relations

"Gordon Brown is poised to draw a line under the long diplomatic row between London and Moscow by telephoning Russia's president-elect, Dmitry Medvedev, today and offering a fresh start." - Guardian

Weekendhighlights ToryDiary: The Conservatives will equalise the size of Westminster constituencies.

ToryDiary: If David Cameron is serious about restoring public trust in politics do we need a new attitude to defectors?

Parliament: Lord Mancroft reflects on his unhappy experience of the NHS

Louise Bagshawe on CentreRight: LibDem MP Sarah Teather questions Prince Harry's integrity

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