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Friday 29th February 2008

11pm PlayPolitical video: Barack Obama 'judgment video' provides quick response to 'Clinton's 3am ad'

5.45pm: Over at CentreRight Jim McConalogue and Andrew Lilico disagree with the 'recall MPs' idea.  Douglas Carswell is very supportive, however.

5pm PlayPolitical MUST WATCH video: New Hillary ad asks... Who do you want answering the White House phone at 3am?

4pm: Should the UK withhold its contributions until the EU's budget is successfully audited?

3.30pm ToryDiary: The February survey is now live

2.30pm: Should members be able to rank incumbent MEPs?

Some CentreRight selections:

Noon: Should a Conservative government hold a retrospective referendum?

11am: Should Turkey join the EU?

Seats and Candidates: MEP candidates answer the first of five policy questions

ToryDiary: The 2005 Conservative intake recommends new powers for voters to remove ethically questionable MPs

Bernard Jenkin MP on Platform: The total lack of scrutiny of the Lisbon Treaty shows British democracy is becoming an elective dictatorship

LondonMayor: Rattled Labour plan negative campaign against "odious" Boris Johnson

Fallout from Andrew Lansley's NHS spending interview


"It was Mr Lansley’s frank admission that funding health rises while meeting the Tory tax pledges meant that other public services would have to be cut in order to fund health rises, while meeting the Tory tax pledges, that caused most internal tension.  It is understood that the Shadow Health Secretary went beyond any formulation agreed in the Shadow Cabinet. There is already tension between Mr Osborne and Liam Fox, the Shadow Defence Secretary, over spending plans. " - Times

"Labour dispatched public letters to several Tory frontbenchers suggesting that a Conservative government would have to cut spending on defence, education and policing to pay for the increased health expenditure.  Yvette Cooper, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said Mr Lansley's pledge showed that "George Osborne has lost control and is allowing the Tory frontbench to make wild and rash tax-and-spend pledges without thinking how they would be paid for"." - Telegraph

"On the day the National Audit Office reported that the new GP contract has cost the taxpayer £1.76 billion more than planned, can a Conservative front-bench spokesman seriously argue that more cash should be poured in without even pausing to suggest that better value could be extracted from the billions already being spent?" - Telegraph leader

Tory donors unhappy that George Osborne opened up Pandora's box on taxing non-doms


"Some of the Conservative Party’s highest-placed City donors are thought to be livid that it was the Tories who raised the possibility of a flat-rate tax for nondoms. The Tories proposed a £25,000 annual charge, but, unlike the Government’s plan, they did not intend to include scrutiny of offshore assets owned by nondoms.  One donor said: “When the Conservatives came up with the idea of a charge I know a lot of people were very, very annoyed because they felt that the party was opening up Pandora’s Box and giving Labour the opportunity to move on the issue.”" - Times

"Police chiefs last night demanded to be called in to probe Tory MP Derek Conway for hiring his son using public cash" - The Sun

Brown issues ultimatum to supermarkets on charging for plastic carrier bags - Daily Mail

Britain has 12 elected mayors, Hazel Blears wants more - FT

Benefits must be time-limited for welfare reform to succeed


"America's welfare revolution worked partly because benefit was time limited. In those areas where there has been a sustained increase in jobs over the past ten years, and starting with young claimants first, benefit should be time limited. The word needs to go out to every young person that living on benefit is no longer a career option.  The guy I buy my coffee from in the morning has run the franchise also for ten years. Every day during this time at least two and may be as many as five young people come in asking for a job. Not once has any of those young people been British." - Frank Field in The Telegraph

Clegg seeks to double the number of Scottish LibDem MPs - BBC

Profile of Matt Drudge, the man who broke the Prince Harry in Afghanistan story, as 'the world's most powerful journalist' - Telegraph

Spain's conservative opposition hopes on Socialist abstentions for unlikely victory - FT

And finally...

Tara Hamilton-Miller lists the musical tastes of leading Tories - New Statesman

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