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Thursday 29th November 2007

9.30pm ToryDiary: YouGov gives Tories 11% lead

Dcpconf_2 8pm ToryDiary: Cameron reflects on thirty minute meeting with President Bush

5.45pm ToryDiary: Cameron reaffirms special relationship

5.30pm ToryDiary: Something to look forward to...

2pm ToryDiary: Another day, another Labour scandal?

2pm Seats and candidates: Simon Hoare adopted in Cardiff South and Penarth and René Kinzett selected for Swansea West

ToryDiary: Nominations for Local Hero and Brendan Nelson is new leader of Australian Liberals

Louisebagshawe Columnist Louise Bagshawe: Football clubs must pay to protect rail passengers from yobs

Bernardjenkinmp Bernard Jenkin MP on Platform: A defence policy for the UK that matches commitments and resources

Related link to Bernard Jenkin's piece: "Britain is in danger of losing its status as a global military power unless the armed forces are given an extra £15billion over the next five years, a Tory pressure group warned yesterday." (ThisIsLondon)

Mccain The CNN/ YouTube Republican debate

BritainAndAmerica: McCain shines during YouTube/ CNN GOP debate

PlayPolitical: Romney and Giuliani clash on immigration then Romney and McCain clash on waterboarding

Vince Cable's Bean jibe wins him the PMQs honours

"The big winner of Prime Minister’s Questions was Vince Cable. Yes, Vince! Not Gordon Brown, the man who has launched a thousand inquiries but often doesn’t seem to know right from wrong. Not David Cameron, the boy wonder who is mastering the art of fighting dirty. But Vince - the man who escaped from a Dickens novel only to find himself cast in the role of acting leader of the Lib Dems." - Times

George Osborne calls on Mendelsohn to resign - Guardian

"Gordon Brown faced the threat of a lengthy inquiry with echoes of the cash-for-honours affair as Jon Mendelsohn, the man he appointed as general election fundraiser, admitted knowing for two months about the circumstances of David Abrahams' hidden gifts. Brown has acknowledged that obscuring the true source of the cash was "unlawful"." - Guardian

'Harriet Harman's political career was hanging by a thread last night over the £5,000 donation to her deputy leadership campaign by David Abrahams.   And her husband Jack Dromey, the party treasurer, came under attack from senior party figures after claiming he knew nothing about the secret donations scandal." - Daily Mail

And now... Labour's Scottish leader, Wendy Alexander, becomes embroiled in new donor questions - Scotsman

The two things Brown must do next...

"Mr Brown must abandon his obsession with micro-management and concentrate on the big issues.  That means becoming more collegiate, allowing his Cabinet greater autonomy.  He must also acquire his own man of affairs, a heavyweight figure - possibly from outside politics altogether, in line with his ambitions for a government of all the talents - with the clout and authority to ensure the Brown writ runs.  Crucially this figure must be able to tell the Prime Minister when he is getting things wrong. Mr Brown still has time to change. The question is: does he have it in him to change?" - Telegraph leader

Giles Chichester elected Chairman of Tory MEPs delegation - | Yesterday's ToryDiary

Bill Newton Dunn, the Conservative MEP who became a LibDem MEP, defends Saj Karim's right to defect in a letter to The Guardian.

A teddy bear called Mohammed

Boris Johnson urges Britain's Muslim leaders to take the opportunity of the imprisonment of Gillian Gibbons to show that they are moderate - Telegraph

"The proposed Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (Minab) says it has come up with minimum standards for Islamic institutions.  The standards include counter-extremism programmes, community relations schemes, support and proper conditions for imams and greater condemnation of "un-Islamic" activity." - BBC

Cameron_mrmrs The new women in the Conservative Party are confident, successful and don’t defer to their husbands - Times

Michael White on Cameron's Washington visit - Guardian

"Hague has said the visit is about "engaging with political America - not just with the Republicans, with Democrats as well"." -

"Western forces, which could include British troops, must be sent into the Balkans to prevent Russia sparking a new European war, according to David Cameron.  Speaking in Washington, the Conservative leader will issue a stark warning that Russia's increasingly assertive foreign policy is jeopardising Britain's national security." - Telegraph

Anticipating ConservativeHome's coverage of the visit.

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