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Friday 2nd November 2007

7.45pm BritainAndAmerica: Tom Coburn - A Thatcherite Republican?

3.15pm BritainAndAmerica: Republican and Democrat supporters continue to see the world very differently

12.45pm PlayPolitical: Brown's hands have a life of their own and Ron Paul tells Jay Leno he "could win"

12.30pm BritainAndAmerica: America's most influential conservatives

Haguebackatthetop10.15am ToryDiary: Hague back at top of shadow cabinet league table


Seats and Candidates: Rochester & Strood invite you to an 'open day'

Columnist Theresa May: Gordon's embarrassing premature emasculation

Platform: Jonathan Galbraith advocates some radical changes to party policy on Scotland

Making doctors more accountable

"Senior doctors would see their salaries slashed if patients were badly treated or spent too long on waiting lists, under radical Tory proposals for the Health Service. The party has vowed to make health service workers more accountable for the running of the NHS. Shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley is to publish today what would have been the party's first piece of legislation if it had won an autumn election - an NHS "autonomy and accountability bill" giving senior doctors control of local budgets." - Daily Mail


Calls for Wishart to resign

"The SNP'S Pete Wishart was last night called on to apologise for alleging Scots in England were being "abused and berated" because of poisonous Metropolitan myths about public spending in Scotland and the West Lothian question. Murdo Fraser MSP, the Scottish Tories' deputy leader, branded the Perth MP an "embarrassment to his constituents"." - Herald

Non-election speech

"The Conservative leader argued that 2007 is comparable to the political sea change years of 1979 and 1997, when voters ejected unpopular incumbent administrations." - FT

" A resurgent David Cameron yesterday marked the day Gordon Brown had planned to call an election by deriding him as "the bureaucrat in chief", left on the wrong side of the tide of ideas." - Guardian

"David Cameron, the Tory leader, accused the Labour Government of creating a panic over immigration and called for a cap on non-EU economic immigrants." - Telegraph

"The Conservatives are in danger of becoming cocky and overconfident. Yesterday’s focus by David Cameron on the non-general election of November 1 exposed the Tories’ own shortcomings as much as the Government’s many weaknesses." - Peter Riddell in the Times

Immigration limit

"David Cameron, the Tory leader, has renewed his call for an annual ceiling on the number of people coming to Britain from outside the European Union." - Independent

Trevor_phillips The UK should move to a market compatible system - Martin Wolf in the FT

How Labour and Conservative policies on immigration compare and contrast - Guardian

Trevor Phillips not entirely positive about Cameron's immigration approach after all - Guardian

Ashcroft acquires stake in The Priory - Times

Cameron to be interviewed on Parkinson alongside Lewis Hamilton and Sir Ian Mckellen - The Sun

Each taxpayer is lending £730 to Northern Rock - BBC

Internet anonymity is an excuse to say vile things - Ben Macintyre in The Times

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