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Monday 8th October 2007

10.45pm ToryDiary: Populus poll confirms LibDem troubles

6.30pm PlayPolitical: Balls and IDS clash on BBCtv's Daily Politics

5.15pm ToryDiary: Cameron blasts Brown's "unacceptable" behaviour over Iraq withdrawals

4pm ToryDiary: George Osborne's finest seven days

Nickwood3pm Nick Wood: Hats off to David Cameron

12.30pm Events: Tomorrow's listed events cover the topics of constitutional reform, the value of Galileo, state-funding of political parties, who Murdoch will back at the next election, and why Britain is the new Germany.

Noon ToryDiary: Highlights from Brown's press conference

10.45am ToryDiary: Brown's Ratner Saturday and how David Cameron fought back

ToryDiary: It was Fox wot stopped it

Widdecombe_plus_balloons Seats and candidates: Ann Widdecombe to stand down and Neil Hudson selected for Edinburgh South

Columnist Stephan Shakespeare: The Tory surge was 90% policy and only 10% speechifying

Conor Burns on Platform: It's time for fixed-term parliaments

TheWrongMan: Our 'election is off' graphic

It was Ashcroft wot stopped it (theory 211 on the election cancellation!)

Johann Hari believes that huge amounts of money poured into marginal seats by Lord Ashcroft - the seats in which ICM suggested the Tories had a 6% lead - are distorting democracy - Independent

Or was it the inheritance tax cut or Cameron's speech?

"So why has the Cameron Comeback deflated the Brown Bounce?  The first reason is the Tory proposal to relieve most people of inheritance tax... No less than 40 per cent say that it makes them more likely to vote Tory, and only 5 per cent less so, according to an ICM poll.  The second reason for the Troy recovery is the restoration of Mr Cameron's popularity. According to YouGov, 49 per cent thought he was doing well as party leader a year ago. By August that had plummeted to 29 per cent. Now it is back up to 54 per cent. Perhaps equally importantly, 38 per cent now feel that the Conservative party has changed for the better." - John Curtice in The Independent

"So tax cuts are popular with voters, eh? Well, well. Even those of us who have been gnashing our teeth over the Conservative self-denying ordinance on tax have been taken aback by the staggering, instantaneous effect of George Osborne's announcements.  Expect a Dutch auction now. How long will it take Gordon Brown to "look carefully at" inheritance tax? About 20 seconds." - Janet Daley in The Telegraph

"Gordon Brown hinted yesterday that he might have to try to match the Conservatives' votewinning plan on inheritance tax." - Daily Mail

Yesterday's ToryDiary: Lower taxation is back in fashion

Bottler Tory 'Brown the bottler' stunt

"Yesterday jubilant costumed Tory Party workers issued crates of Newcastle Brown Ale on Whitehall labelled “Bottler Brown”." - The Sun

Brown's mishandling of the 'it's off' announcement

"The endgame was messy. After the BBC's Andrew Marr was summoned to Downing Street for an interview, Tory spin doctors tipped off other broadcasters, who camped outside No 10, miffed that the Prime Minister was not going to speak to them too.  His announcement was even forecast on the Tory grassroots ConservativeHome website at 3.22pm, an hour before the Marr interview. David Cameron was able to do long interviews on the live TV channels attacking Mr Brown, while only short clips of Mr Brown's interview for Marr's Sunday morning BBC programme were released on Saturday. Labour was outspun on a story that should have been under its control." - Andrew Grice in The Independent

Did Cameron win the non-election?  The BBC interviews four pundits.

The Tories still have plenty in the locker

"The Tories deny they have fired off their ammunition. Despite the pressure from Mr Brown, Mr Cameron was able to hold back his plans for personal and business taxation, something he might now not release until late next year... The Conservatives are pleased that Lord Ashcroft, the party treasurer, now has the time he needs to fund Tory candidates in the key marginal seats.  And they plan to press home the attack on Wednesday by staging an opposition day debate on Europe and the government's failure to offer a referendum on the constitutional treaty - the next issue they believe that will rattle Mr Brown." - Guardian

Michael White praises Andrew Marr's "conscientious" interviewing of the Prime Minister and calls him 'The Dimbleby of State' - Guardian

Disposable income at lowest level for ten years

"Disposable income is at its lowest level for a decade, as taxes, housing costs, phone bills and travel expenses eat into salaries, researchers says.  While the average household gross income has climbed over the past decade from £34,796 to £53,835, people have far less of that money to spend each month after they have paid essential bills." - Telegraph

David Davis wants to ban new streetwear that conceals the faces of hoodies - Telegraph and Sun

Weekendhighlights Donal Blaney: How to build on this momentous weekend - Ten things that David Cameron should do next

Voice from the City: Damaging Labour's record for economic competence

TheWrongMan: Gordon goes off the rails video

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