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Saturday 1st September 2007

9.15pm ToryDiary: Tories would force underperforming junior school pupils to retake final year

Davis_david 8.15pm ToryDiary: Davis tops shadow cabinet league table again with Warsi at bottom

3.15pm BritainAndAmerica: Britain looks back at early failures in Iraq but most Americans refuse to believe that the cause is lost

1pm Seats and candidates: Philip Briscoe adopted for GLA seat of City and East

ToryDiary: The Governator can't make it and MORI: Lab 41, Con 36, LD 16

Columnists: Cameron Watt advocates a full-time salary for MPs of £100k

Platform: Blogger "Englandism" asks why there is political distaste for Englishness

Teachers should be anonymous until proven guilty

"Teachers accused of misconduct would retain their anonymity until the case was resolved under plans to be unveiled by the Conservatives next week, The Daily Telegraph has learnt. The call comes amid fears that many long-serving teachers have found their reputations ruined and careers wrecked by unfounded accusations - often involving sex or violence - from pupils." - Telegraph

Lib_dem_bird The Lib Dem collapse

"The Liberal Democrat high command (if one can speak of such a thing) is in despair. The party cannot go into the election weighed down by Ming, but there is probably no time to replace him, even if a general election is delayed until the spring." - Telegraph leader

Poster campaign

"David Cameron has authorised a poster campaign next week amid Tory fears that Gordon Brown is preparing to announce an election this autumn. The new advertising will seek to neutralise Labour claims that Mr Cameron has no substance and does not believe in anything, according to allies of the Tory leader." - Times

Ken_jones ACPO President rejects notion of anarchy in the UK

"The leader of chief constables in England and Wales yesterday rejected David Cameron's recent description of a nation gripped by "anarchy" and suggested crime figures were being distorted because no-one had confidence in them." - Telegraph

Immigration focus was intended

"One Conservative commentator, defending the Tory leader against the claim that he is tacking to the Right, has written that journalists chose to focus on Mr Cameron’s intervention on immigration when covering his Newsnight interview without guidance from the Tories. This does not square with the facts." - Francis Elliott in the Times

Labour trying to make hay with flight tax proposals

"A Tory former Cabinet minister's claims that taxes on flights could hit Britain's economy "blow a hole" in Conservative tax plans, the Government has claimed. Chief Secretary to the Treasury Andy Burnham said tax policy under David Cameron was a "mess" and the comments by John Redwood exposed divisions in Tory ranks." - Daily Mail

Core vote emphasis is a response to Brown tacking right

"The most dramatic shift to the Right over the past few months has come not from the Tories but from Gordon Brown's Labour Party. On issue after issue - taxation, casinos, drugs, policing - Brown has jettisoned Labour baggage. Cameron had no choice but to react to the new political landscape which has resulted from the Blair premiership. Cameron got Gordon Brown wrong. He mistakenly thought that the prime minister would shift Labour to the Left, when so far he has done the opposite." - Peter Oborne in the Daily Mail

Brown's cowardly option is to have an early election

"For a prime minister who does not expect to fail - who believes that his appeal comes from seriousness and steadfast calm - that election moment does not have to come now. There are advantages to laying down roots, not least a chance to restore public trust on the public services, especially health." - Julian Glover in the Guardian

Goodwill: Ban numberplate clones


"The Tory MP for Scarborough and Whitby has called for a legal loophole allowing anyone to clone a car registration number to be closed - after buying an exact replica of the plate on the Prime Minister's Jaguar." - Gazette & Herald

The history of Empire can reunite the nation

"This national ignorance of our own history, of our heroes, is perhaps the single most important element in the current crisis over "Britishness". Nations and states seem to be formidable and permanent structures, but they are rooted ultimately in such sentiments as pride, loyalty, fellowship and a sense of common destiny." - John O'Sullivan in the Telegraph

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