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Wednesday 22nd August 2007

7.15pm ToryDiary: The next ConservativeHome readers' survey

7.15pm Seats and candidates: Spencer Pitfield adopted for Penistone and Stocksbridge

5.15pm LondonMayor: Who will pay for the primary process?

>> BBC Online is reporting that CCHQ has retracted an apology to one of the hospitals identified on the controversial danger list issued by the party.

2.45pm ToryDiary: Danny Finkelstein quizzes me about Cameron's next steps

11.15am ToryDiary: Anarchy in the UK

11am Seats and candidates: James Gray faces second deselection vote

WednesdayToryDiary: Hold Brown accountable, draw up some doorstep policies and get a little bit angry

Columnist Peter Franklin: Hypercapitalism or hi-tech conservatism?

"Thus across the board we have a choice – whether to invest in hypercapitalism or in the alternative, what one might call hi-tech conservatism. But is this a further false dichotomy? After all, why can’t we have new motorways and ultra-fast broadband? Building on the greenbelt and new eco-towns? Well, to a limited extent we can – the limits being set by the finite amount of public and private capital available for investment. Thus we can go for hypercapitalism, hi-tech conservatism or some sort of compromise between the two."

Interviews: Any questions for Grant Shapps?

Daniel Kawczynski on YourPlatform: The Chief Veterinary Officer has failed to hold the Government to account on biosecurity

Cameron to focus on youth crime today - Guardian

David Cameron's call to scrap the Human Rights Act is the main story in The Telegraph

"David Cameron last night called for the Human Rights Act to be scrapped outright for the first time amid mounting anger that the controversial law had allowed the killer of the head teacher Philip Lawrence to escape deportation." - Telegraph

Davis_formal David Davis writes about immigration policy

"The Conservatives offer the only credible, common-sense immigration policy. Tough on those who defy our laws. Fair on those who respect them. An annual limit on the numbers entering the country, robustly enforced by dedicated border police." - Telegraph

The Sun blasts Labour on immigration: "Labour's promise to crack down on illegal immigration seems to have an ever more hollow ring about it.  After ten years of tough talking, asylum cheats are still flocking in quicker than we can boot them out.  Last year 20,700 new arrivals were refused refugee status but only 18,820 were deported.  And there is a backlog of 450,000 failed asylum-seekers still living here."

Tory claims on hospital closures are disputed

"No fewer than 13 hospitals and NHS trusts contradicted the Tory leader's claims that their A&E and maternity facilities were under threat.  A day of spectacular own goals began when a Tory MP was forced to apologise for one blunder.  Henry Bellingham, the Norfolk North West MP, said sorry to staff at the Queen Elizabeth hospital as other NHS trusts queued up to contradict Mr Cameron's claims on hospital cutbacks." - Guardian

>> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Is a clerical error at CCHQ more newsworthy than the lowest cancer survival rates in Europe?

Gove_michael Michael Gove claims GCSE grade rises are masking decline in core subjects - Guardian

Sayeeda Warsi discusses the role of ethnicity in voting behaviour in Dewsbury - Daily Mail

Shadow Europe Minister Mark Francois talks to ePolitix about Tory relations with European governments

Tories reserve billboard space for autumn election

"The Conservative Party is reserving advertising space on billboards in response to rumours that Gordon Brown may call a general election in October or November, The Times has learnt.  The Tories will lose thousands of pounds in deposits if the Prime Minister decides against a poll. Party officals also admitted that they had started work on the detailed “grid” that will determine David Cameron’s movements during a campaign." - Times

Regional troubles for both major parties?

The Mail reports comments from an anonymous Tory insider that weakness in northern England could cost the party victory but elsewhere in the newspaper, Stephen Glover suggests that the SNP resurgence may make Scotland Gordon Brown's political deathbed.

Labour raises more money than Tories for first time during Cameron's leadership

"The Electoral Commission's quarterly figures show Labour attracted just over £5m from private individuals, businesses and unions compared with £4.5m donated to the Tories. But the Tories still attracted the most cash - £6.3m - because they received an additional £1.78m in state subsidies available only to opposition parties." - Guardian

Donations to Labour include £150,000 from online betting company - Independent

Daniel Finkelstein advocates abolishing inheritance tax

"The transfer of assets from one generation to the next is one of the ways that the delicate social pact between generations will be maintained. It may not be a redistribution from rich to poor, but that’s not the only kind of redistribution that matters. Inheritance is a redistribution from old to young. And beyond that, the idea that the family’s wealth stays in the family is one way that we signal the obligation that the past has to the present and the present has to the future... And when you think about it like this, what could be more natural than to abolish inheritance tax and raise the money instead from the myriad ways that we pollute the Earth?" - Times

Prescott to call for slave memorial day - Independent | Guido is saying that the former Deputy PM will announce his retirement from parliament this Saturday

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