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Wednesday 15th August 2007

Alanduncan11.30am update - Alan Duncan MP on YourPlatform: Gordon's many failures

ToryDiary: David Cameron to put healthcare at the heart of his fightback


  • In five years Transport for London has consumed £12 billion in subsidy but £8 billion of this has been wasted supporting TfL's bloated cost base.
  • TfL has a structural deficit of £1.6 billion per annum which it can't seem to solve in spite of ramping up fares.
  • In three years highly paid managers have more than trebled at TfL from 450 in 2004 to 1,441 in 2007.
  • TfL loses 30p every time someone takes a bus.
  • TfL loses 55p every time someone takes a Tube.

Read Phil Taylor's full analysis of London's broken public transport system.


The Shadow Secretary of State for Justice answers your questions.

ThesecondleftPeter Franklin's latest column takes issue with Andrew Lilico and explores the new instincts of Britain's left.

Redwood suggests tax breaks for Britain's universities

"Universities would get massive U.S-style tax breaks to help ease their funding crisis under radical plans to be set out by the Conservatives this week... A Tory policy commission has concluded that British universities are left increasingly unable to attract the best global researchers and students, and to afford the best facilities - particularly for science." - Daily Mail

In a letter to The Guardian John Redwood defends himself from Polly Toynbee's attack on him.

In an article for the Yorkshire Post, Bernard Ingham congratulates John Redwood on his report.

Can the BBC ever stop hating Margaret Thatcher?

"Our national broadcaster will always demonise Margaret Thatcher and will never see any good in her - not as long as she lives and not, I would like to bet, when she comes to die." - Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail

Johnbiffen Obituaries for John Biffen - The Guardian | Telegraph | Times | Independent

Sign up to a special Facebook group and send a message of condolence to John Biffen's widow.

Concern over part-time Tory frontbench grows - Daily Mail | Telegraph

£1bn Lord Paul promises to bankroll autumn election campaign for Labour - The Times

Police chief suggests drinking age should be lifted to 21 - The Times

Labour's housebuilding plans threaten greenbelt - BBC

Wendy Alexander expected to succeed Jack McConnell as Scottish Labour leader - The Times

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