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Sunday 26th August 2007

Davis_david David Davis (2.45pm) has responded to LibDem proposals for an 'earned' amnesty for some of the 600,000 foreigners who are illegally living and working in Britain: "This is irresponsible because on the one hand it will encourage people to come here illegally as well as being unfair to those who have obeyed the law and tried to enter the UK legally.  It will act as a green light to a new future wave of illegal immigrants who will be told by there criminal handlers that if they remain in the UK long enough they will be allowed to stay permanently."

11.45am ToryDiary: Davis blasts Labour on gun crime

ToryDiary: Stephen Dorrell urges trust in renewed public service professionalism

Columnist Graeme Archer: London-ness and Andrew Boff - How to beat Livingstone

Gordon Brown's underfunding of the armed forces

Liam Fox leads new attack on Labour's underfunding of the armed forces (Sunday Telegraph) but the question remains: Will the Tories increase funding?

Ashcroft_michaelLord Ashcroft's growing power at CCHQ

"Tory concerns at the growing influence of Lord Ashcroft have been heightened by a memo to candidates from the billionaire peer instructing them on how to run their election campaigns.  The former party treasurer has stamped his authority on the Conservative campaign machine with a letter ordering officials and candidates in target seats to be ready for a possible October election." - Sunday Telegraph

>> Yesterday's ToryDiary examined the growing power of Lord Ashcroft

Has David Cameron found his moment?

In his Sunday Telegraph column Matt d'Ancona senses that David Cameron has found his voice in responding to Britain's social breakdown crisis.

Britain needs the police back on the streets

"The state cannot order civil society back into being, but it can facilitate the process. A first step is to recognise fear of crime is not irrational just because recorded crime is down. It is a reasonable response by a public feeling remote from the police. Opinion polls consistently show people would like to see more uniformed officers on the beat. This has traditionally been rejected as inefficient. Beat bobbies are expensive and do not catch many villains. But reassurance is not a secondary function of policing. It is essential if people are to feel that public space belongs to them." - Observer leader

Osullivan_john Britons have ceased to be self-governing

"Except for the Thatcher years, however, the British establishment, from a blend of multiculturalism and Europeanism, drained all pride and meaning out of Britishness. No one, not even the Scots, wants to assimilate to a nullity.  The result is a fractured, distrustful and disorderly society. And because a diverse society lacks agreed values and standards, governments regulate the behaviour of all, including the law-abiding, to maintain social peace.  Thus, we have far more officials supervising us than in the 1950s, but they are anti-smoking social workers and ethnic diversity officers rather than park wardens." - John O'Sullivan in The Sunday Telegraph

Samantha Cameron accused of profiting from status to sell family businesses - Mail on Sunday

Labour facing inquiry into funding it receives from Muslim Friends of Labour - Sunday Times

Would Labour be very unhappy with Boris Johnson as the Tory candidate? - Independent on Sunday

Matthew Parris' PR advice to David Cameron

"Does Matthew Parris think he can do a better job than Andy Coulson on the Tory PR front? Writing on 'Conservative Home', 'The Times' columnist and former Tory MP instructs David Cameron on some leadership basics: "No more pictures with poor people – we've got that message. Abroad only for pictures with powerful people. Suits and ties, sometimes; red carpets; aircraft steps; handshakes, presidential palaces." This from a man who is proud of wearing cardigans." - Independent on Sunday

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