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Sunday 12th August 2007

8.15pm ToryDiary: Damian Green proposes action against forced marriages


Edward McMillan-Scott MEP on Platform: Why we should boycott Beijing

Graeme Archer's Diary: Why do Conservatives love George Orwell so much?

ToryDiary: Redwood urges bonfire of regulations

Gordon Brown orders all constituencies to select candidates by Labour conference

"The Prime Minister has ordered all Labour constituency parties to select their would-be MPs in time for the party conference in only six weeks, in a clear sign that he wants to be in a position to call an election to take advantage of his remarkable surge in popularity since taking over from Tony Blair less than two months ago." - Scotland on Sunday

New YouGov poll would see Brown add 100 to Labour's majority

"Gordon Brown has pushed Labour into a 10-point lead, the biggest since he took over as prime minister, according to a YouGov poll for The Sunday Times today."

"Even in his wildest dreams, Mr Brown could not have imagined that it would go as well as this. A more realistic version of his first few weeks as prime minister would have seen him only slowly overcoming the public suspicion built up over years of tax grabbing at the Treasury. Perhaps by now he would have whittled down David Cameron’s lead a bit. Instead he has established Labour’s largest lead in a comparable poll since November 2002, before the start of the Iraq war." - Extract from a Sunday Times leader which urges Brown to call an autumn election.

>>> Last night's ToryDiary on the poll

"Another poll, conducted by ICM for today's Sunday Mirror, gave Labour a six-point lead, with 39 per cent compared with 33 per cent for Mr Cameron's party and 18 per cent for the Lib Dems." - Sunday Telegraph

News_of_the_world David Cameron: Britons must have a vote on the EU Treaty

"At the last election, Gordon Brown promised a referendum on the EU constitution. Now he is breaking that promise.  He claims we don't need one now because the new document is called a 'treaty' rather than a 'constitution'. But that won't wash. Even Gordon Brown has described it as 'the European constitution' when he has let his guard down. And now it turns out that the document itself refers to the existence of a 'constitution'. But it doesn't really matter what people call it. What matters is that the new treaty means giving away more powers to the EU. That is why we must give people a say in a referendum." - David Cameron writing in the News of the World (not online)

Bailey_shaun Role models are not enough

"The problems that affect our young people go way deeper than just providing positive role models, although this could be a helpful step. We need to relearn what the parental and family role should be, and not rely on an ever-growing state that has shown it cannot answer the problems affecting many families. If you know children who are doing well, I bet you see parents who are involved with them, set a good example and take a leading role in their lives.' - Shaun Bailey in The Independent on Sunday

>>> Seats and candidates: Shaun Bailey's mission

What happen to Tony Blair's wrinkles? - The Mail on Sunday examines the makeover that puts our former PM on the cove of Men's Vogue

Big Ben's makeover - Mail on Sunday

Boris loses Have I Got News For You slot because of mayoral bid - Sunday Times

Statistic watchdog criticises Brown as a result of initiative by David Gauke MP - Sunday Times

Michael Portillo calls for Britain's troops to leave Basra quickly - Sunday Times

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