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Friday 24th August 2007

3.30pm Seats and Candidates: Fifth tranche of seats released

1pm ToryDiary: A black Friday for Brown


11.30am ToryDiary: Labour get back into bed with Muslim extremists

ToryDiary: When will Cameron and Merkel meet?

Platform: Andrew Bridgen describes the business community's desperate need for Redwood's deregulation proposals


Columnists: Theresa May on youth crime

Needed: A fixed society

"In a keynote speech on "crime and our broken society" today, he will make strengthening families and communities his top priority." - Telegraph 

"Tackling social breakdown will be firmly at the heart of the Conservatives' General Election manifesto, David Cameron revealed yesterday. He will fight Gordon Brown over solving the grave social problems blighting Britain, including spiralling knife and gun crime, the rise of lawless gangs and yobbish behaviour." - Daily Mail

Duncan_smith_december_07 "Britain's poverty is not just financial - indeed, the state has never been more generous in its handouts. The poverty is one of spirit, caused by the erosion of all essential standards and structures. So what is to be done?" - Iain Duncan-Smith in the Daily Mail

The Tip Tax

"A Whitehall consultation document on boosting recycling revealed plans which would allow town halls to charge people for throwing away household waste which does not fit in their bins. The Conservatives labelled the proposals a "tip tax" and claimed it would increase fly-tipping and punish responsible behaviour." - Daily Mail


Angie Bray AM attacks Livingstone's deal with Chavez

"This is nothing more than an election bribe. And to all those who believe that although the mayor may indulge in the odd crazy stunt, at heart he cares for the vulnerable - think again: by signing up to this deal, he is showing us he is prepared to play fast and loose with his morals, and is not as genuine as he may seem on questions of social justice." - Comment is Free

Council buying the Dame Shirley Porter houses back

"A council is buying back houses sold by Dame Shirley Porter in the so-called "homes-for-votes" scandal of 1987. Westminster City Council has asked owners of 6,000 ex-council properties whether they want to sell, in an attempt to ease its housing shortage." - BBC

Merkel and Cameron still too busy to see eachother

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in London on Wednesday for talks with Gordon Brown, but you might be surprised to hear that she didn't darken the doors of fellow centre-Right leader David Cameron. In fact, since Merkel, below, won the German election in November 2005 and Cameron succeeded to the Conservative leadership a fortnight later, the pair have pointedly failed to meet." - Telegraph Spy

Where's Macavity Brown on Iraq?

"Dr Liam Fox has called on Gordon Brown to display clearer political leadership, as confusion continues to cloud British policy and UK Service personnel continue to take casualties in Iraq." - Conservative Party

The Brown/EU resistance to a referendum

"Gordon Brown has rejected calls from two trade unions for the government to hold a referendum on the new EU treaty." - BBC

"It doesn't take away our passports or throw us into gulags. But the EU does have one characteristic in common with totalitarian systems: it holds its ruling dogma - ever-closer union - to be too important to be subjected to the ballot box." - Daniel Hannan MEP in the Telegraph

Line of the day

"[If I was a politician] I would leave the European Union, close down 90 per cent of government services and shift power away from the atheistic, humanistic government and into the hands of families and individuals." - Christopher Monckton, former policy adviser to Thatcher, in an interview with the Independent

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