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Friday 10th August 2007

Columnists: Theresa May sets out what she thinks Harman's priorities for women should be

ToryDiary: Politicans and their holidays

Platform: Jack Perschke advocates "3G conservatism"

Employment figures inflated by migrants

"Britain’s workforce now includes 1.5 million migrants — accounting for almost two thirds of the total number of jobs created over the past decade. The Conservatives claimed yesterday that Gordon Brown’s record on creating employment was undermined by the number of jobs held by workers who had come to Britain since 1997." - Times

Malcolm_evans_2 PC candidate defects to Welsh Conservatives

"Malcolm Evans stood in the 2001 Parliamentary campaign in Wrexham, where he became the first Plaid candidate for the town to hold his deposit. In 2003 he stood again for the party at the National Assembly election in the Vale of Clwyd." - Western Mail

Black boys' main role models are their families

"Responding to a report which was commissioned by the Department for Communities and Local Government and calls for a National Role Model programme, Shaun Bailey, Conservative candidate for Hammersmith and founder of My Generation, said: "In this report there is too much emphasis on central Government. Local solutions are the answer. There is too much about role models who have no practical impact on a child's life, while parents and families do." - Conservative Party

"To many on the Right, it is all a question of family discipline or the lack of it, while the default position of too many commentators on the Left is that it every problem can be wished away by the correct economic package. " - Clive Davis in the Times

Historical context of euroscepticism

"Not all the Eurosceptics of the 90s were simplistic reactionaries; most were motivated by a combination of vanity, self-interest and principle. It's too cosy to suppose that all virtue belongs to the "one nation" Conservatives who eventually emerged out of the mid-19th-century Tory crisis, and there's no reason why Peel should be enrolled among their number retrospectively." - Hywel Williams in the Guardian


Beleaguered British troops

"They feel abandoned by the receding tide of British public and political support for their war. They know that if they die, their death will go barely noticed by the media at home beyond perhaps a paragraph or two in a newspaper or a few sentences at the back end of the Six O’Clock News." - Anthony Loyd in the Times

Cameron's Conservatives shouldn't revert to type

"If he wants to make plain that there can be no going back, now is the time for him to show clarity about the type of society he wants to see, and how he intends to guide Britain towards it. Unless he does that soon, then the public will judge that the Conservatives have reverted to their true colours." - Guardian

Race for Scottish Chairmanship

"My campaign for Lord James Douglas Hamilton to take on the role has won the support of a number of MSPs, big-wigs and loyal activists and, as for David Murray getting the job, successful businessman he certainly is, but in political terms he carries more baggage than Edinburgh Airport." - Brian Monteith in the Scotsman

Low expectations

"David Cameron has little chance of ever becoming prime minister, according to an poll. The survey, answered by more than 1,000 of this website's subscribers, shows only 15 per cent think the Conservative leader will make it to Number 10 - while 62 per cent think he never will. The poll was conducted at the end of the parliamentary term, during a period in which Cameron was beset by criticism of his leadership." - ePolitix

Brown's socially conservative approach to gambling?

"[PokerStars] is just one of hundreds of internet gambling groups, unlicensed in the UK, which are to be granted freedom to advertise in Britain under the government's Gambling Act 2005. They will not be regulated here or pay British tax." - Guardian

Casino "Like all vices, gambling is acceptable when done in moderation. The imminent deregulation will inevitably tempt many people to go beyond what is moderate. This will be good for bookmakers: it will be less so for the losers, their families and for the state whose resources then have to be used to plaster over the cracks." - Telegraph leader

Election date to dominate Labour conference chat

"The attempt to portray a new style is also likely to be reinforced with more relaxed question-and-answer sessions. But according to some MPs, the key role of this year's gathering will be to show that with a new Prime Minister, a new team and a new programme, the voters have no need to replace Labour with Mr Cameron's Tories." - Telegraph

Baldry barred from local hospital

"Mr Baldry claimed that the ban was issued by email to Mr Cameron's office and was a condition of the Tory leader being allowed to visit the Horton. The row comes weeks after Mr Baldry likened the trust to an Eastern European regime before the fall of the Berlin Wall." - Banbury Cake

The internet is like the Wild West

"The internet has become a playground for criminals in which highly specialised gangs steal money from bank accounts, according to a Parliamentary report published today. A huge underground economy is making a living from e-crime, which fuels the perception of the internet as a lawless “Wild West”, the peers report said." - Times

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