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Thursday 19th July 2007


10.30pm news update: BBC is reporting that there will be no charges in cash-for-honours

Interviews: Any questions for Matthew d'Ancona and Warwick Lightfoot answers your questions


Columnists: Louise Bagshawe: Protect women and children – reform the judiciary

ToryDiary: Summer campaign to "keep the heat" on Brown

LondonMayor: A coronation would be wrong says Victoria Borwick

Seats and candidates: Rowena Holland adopted for Nottingham South and Alf Doran selected for Chorley

Ealing Ealing and Sedgefield by-elections today

"The Ealing poll today is the most crucial by-election for the parties in more than a decade. Not only is it Mr Brown's first test at the ballot box; it is the last major political event of the summer." - Alice Thomson in the Telegraph

"Allegations of dirty tricks overshadowed the final day of campaigning for today’s by-election in Ealing Southall as the Tories accused Labour of orchestrating an ambush on David Cameron." - Times

"Police launched an investigation last night into allegations that someone had broken electoral law by leaking the results of the postal ballots in today's Ealing Southall byelection." - Guardian

"With Tony Blair sitting on a majority of more than 18,000, only an electoral earthquake would prise his Sedgefield seat from Labour's grasp." - Independent

Conservatives planning for early poll

"The Tories will launch a summer campaign today to "keep the heat" on Gordon Brown." - Telegraph

Brown Cannabis rethink

"Gordon Brown made another gesture to middle Britain yesterday when he announced that the government would consider whether to return cannabis from class C to the class B classification it held until three years ago." - Guardian

"Home Secretary Jacqui Smith admitted today that she smoked cannabis when she was at university." - Daily Mail

Referendum pressure on Brown

"A cross-party campaign to be launched in September will personally target Gordon Brown for refusing voters a referendum on the new European Union treaty." - Telegraph

Of course children should be allowed to take risks

"Drop these mad new restrictions on nursery schools, stop trying to use regulation to nationalise pre-school education, and let's hear it loud and clear. Children should be allowed to climb trees again - and you don't need a degree to teach a child to climb a tree." - Boris Johnson in the Telegraph

The Government and the Muslim Council of Britain

"But another, even more important, battle is being waged behind the scenes. Who should be the Government’s chosen Muslim partners in the struggle against radicalisation?" - Dean Godson in the Times

Galloway_2 Will Galloway be prosecuted?

"George Galloway suffered a fresh blow yesterday when a Tory MP urged the Metropolitan police to investigate his activities." - Telegraph

Conservatives call for NAO Tube investigation

"Conservatives have called for an investigation by Whitehall's spending watchdog into public-private partnerships on London's Tube system, in the wake of this week's financial crisis at Metronet." - Ananova

Government plans to get lone parents back to work

"Single parents will be forced to look for work as soon as their youngest child reaches the age of 7 under benefit reforms that will also introduce a form of workfare to Britain." - Times

Blair Tony Blair starts his new job today

"Tony Blair arrived in Lisbon last night to begin a second career in which he must know that success may prove even more difficult than being the first British Labour prime minister to win three elections in a row." - Independent

Mandela launches group of Elders on his birthday

"The Elders, which is based on the idea of traditional African village elders offering wise counsel, will include the talents of former US President Jimmy Carter, 82, the former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, 69, and the former Irish President Mary Robinson, 63." - Times

Is pressure being put on Conservative candidates?

"Is David Cameron using his influence to bring Conservative parliamentary candidates into line on Europe?" - Telegraph Spy

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