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Tuesday 13th March 2007

4:30pm CF Diary update: James Wharton writes about his experience of getting selected

4pm CF Diary update: Ten CF-aged candidates selected for winnable seats

3.30pm ToryDiary update: Samuel Coates is 'In Two Minds' about Trident



CF Diary: Three Cheers for YBF's Television Training Workshop


YourPlatform: Michael Rutt explains what Conservatives Abroad does 


"David Cameron and Gordon Brown yesterday engaged in an all-day battle to woo the increasingly critical green vote by outlining their rival programmes to tackle climate change and improve the environment. Labour challenged the Tories over their plans to take unilateral UK action on carbon emissions from aviation by introducing a system of personal air mile allowances for travellers." - Guardian

"Foreign tourists arriving in Britain this week must be more bewildered than usual. They will note that green issues are the overwhelming political theme. Today the Government publishes a draft Climate Change Bill. Yesterday, the two aspirant prime ministers, Gordon Brown and David Cameron, competed with a sweaty intensity to show they were best equipped to lead an environmental crusade. Welcome to Green Britain." - Steve Richards in the Independent

Second_home "David Cameron risks alienating more than 400,000 voters who own "a place in the sun" with plans for a tax on air travel, experts warned last night. The Tory leader plans a higher rate of aviation tax for anyone who makes more than one short-haul flight per year. But academics, property experts and MPs warned of a potential backlash as Mr Cameron seeks to establish his green credentials. About 400,000 voters own second homes abroad. On average, they make three visits per year to their properties, meaning they would be hit twice by the proposed tax." - Telegraph

"There are times when I wish Today would give us a "right to reply" on the spot. In this way, when David Cameron told Jim Naughtie yesterday morning that there was no need for 40 flights between Manchester and London because there was a "perfectly good train service", I could have replied: "With respect, Mr Cameron, when was the last time you travelled on a 'perfectly good' train?"" - Cristina Odone in the Telegraph

The Sun outlines how the tax would affect "ordinary households" - The Sun

TAXING THE BAD AND REWARDING THE GOOD                                        

Wedding "Money that a Conservative government would raise from taxing air travel will be used on schemes such as tax breaks for married couples, David Cameron has promised. His aim is to offer a double whammy to encourage people to behave in ways that the Tory leader thinks are good for society: by staying together to raise children, while avoiding environmentally damaging behaviour such as unnecessary flights. In a BBC interview yesterday he called it "taxing the bad and rewarding the good"." - Independent

"The Conservatives may be promising that any green taxes that they impose would be "replacements" for cuts in other forms of tax. But as yet we have heard only of the new taxes, and no detail at all of the balancing cuts. In a nation already taxed to the limits, it should be a guiding principle of fiscal policy that no new tax is introduced unless an existing one is removed - one in, one out." - Telegraph leader


Osborne_3 "George Osborne has warned the private equity industry not to give in to attacks from the "narrow minded" Left and instead to stand up to its critics. The shadow chancellor, who would be ultimately responsible for regulating the sector were the Conservatives to be elected at the next General Election, issued a rallying cry to the industry, telling it to explain how it is a beacon of British excellence. His comments came in direct response to those of trade unions such as GMB and various Labour politicians who have criticised the industry for asset stripping, axing jobs and abusing tax loopholes." - Telegraph


"Top Tory David Mundell was rejected as a candidate for the Lib Dems because he was clueless about their party policy. The Record can reveal the shadow Scots secretary once hoped to represent the Lib Dems in a general election. But he was knocked back because he hadn't done his homework." - Daily Record


"Relief is in sight. The members of the anti-Gordon Brown fan club who began to think they were doomed from here to eternity to watch the Chancellor present Budgets to the Commons can take heart: only one more to go. The Chancellor has been a master at snatching from an unaware middle class enough of its money to permit him to distribute goodies to groups he deems worthier. And despite warnings from the likes of me, the economy has nevertheless performed reasonably well in the past decade." - Telegraph


"Many primary care trusts in England have cut their budget for stop smoking services, according to figures from the Conservative Party. A survey found that 44 of the 115 PCTs surveyed had cut or frozen funding during this financial year. A further 12 PCTs had raised their budgets by such a small amount that it amounted to a real terms cut." - BBC

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