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Wednesday 3rd January 2007

Daily_mail_030106 Evening update:

"Unemployment costs the taxpayer a massive £61billion a year, with more than five million who could work claiming benefits, figures show. This is nearly six times the £11 billion official cost of unemployment benefits and a blow to Labour boasts that it has brought joblessness to its lowest level since the mid-1970s." - Daily Mail

Afternoon ToryDiary updates: David Cameron champions green eating in speech to farmers and Davis urges Government to ratify human trafficking convention


ToryDiary: The Phillips compromise has to be good for the Party, as well as the country

Seats and Candidates: James Gray accuses his opponents of settling old scores

Several updates on CF Diary: Including progress reports from exec members, news of an exec resignation, and advice being sought on Conservative Association best practice with regards to developing CF branches.


Oxford_farming_conf"David Cameron will call today for a new "buy British" crusade with clear labels to tell shoppers if they are buying food and produce from the UK. The Conservative leader will throw his weight behind a "food patriotism" campaign as he voices concern that imported food is often labelled British simply because it was processed and packaged here. In a speech to the Oxford farming conference this morning, Mr Cameron will also argue that farmers can play an enormous role in the battle to tackle climate change. But his principal message will be that Conservatives would do more to ensure that British farmers can fully benefit from the growing consumer demand for high quality, local produce." - Telegraph


"More than three-quarters of people  believe bright children would do better if taught separately, a poll suggests. More than 1,000 people were surveyed for a report by right-wing think tank, the Centre for Policy Studies. It found almost as many (73%) thought streaming or a selective system would also help academically weaker children." - BBC


Gordon_brown_3 "A former Tory frontbencher told me last week that "if Brown goes next year, we're utterly screwed". Why? Because the whole Cameron plan is predicated on having until the spring of 2009 to mount the challenge to end what would then be a dozen years of Labour misrule. It is going to take until then for everyone to appreciate that the Tory party has "changed". It is also going to take until then for it to have developed any policies, and to have communicated them to the general public. More to the point, it is also going to take until then for something resembling a serious national Conservative Party machine to be put in place." - Simon Heffer in The Telegraph


"They will, in time, surely be known as the affluent poor: young, two-car owning, Tory-voting families who own property in some of the wealthiest areas of England, and whose penchant for alcohol coupled with their time-poor, work-stressed lifestyles could trigger serious illness." - Guardian


Letters to the Editor about Labour's Bolshevik membership structure and rate of losing members - Guardian

"Ministers and MPs have been urged to drop the environmentally unfriendly and expensive habit of drinking bottled water at meetings in favour of a glass from the tap." - Guardian

"John Prescott could make £1million from his diaries despite leaving behind a legacy of incompetence and scandal as Deputy Prime Minister." - Daily Mail

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