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Tuesday 16th January 2007

7pm ToryDiary update: How leaving one Union might affect membership of another...

Surgeons_book The Fisk launches today, a new multiple-authored blog dedicated to holding sloppy and misleading commentary to account (from a conservative perspective). It's run by Samuel Coates, Deputy Editor of this site, in association with 18 Doughty Street.

Current "fisks":

  • The TaxPayers' Alliance on today's attack from Polly Toynbee
  • Shane Greer's series on recent front pages of The Independent
  • Cranmer on the Archbishops' slavery "guilt march"
  • Phil Taylor on the campaign against the BNP ballerina

1pm ToryDiary update: Cheryl Gillan proposes voucherisation of charity funding

Atrium1Smell the coffee - a new weekly column:
Political gossip from parliament's Atrium cafe


ToryDiary: McCain "disappointed" at new Tory Iraq policy A Giuliani-Brownback dream ticket? and The Right to Bear Arms



"David Cameron will mount a staunch defence of the Union this week when he takes his entire shadow cabinet to Scotland for a day-long series of meetings. As Britain marks the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union today, details emerged of how the Tory leader hopes to use the visit on Thursday to steal a march on Gordon Brown." - Telegraph


"Blairite rhetoric on reform only encourages voters to believe mendacious propaganda against everything public, easing the way for voters to opt for Tory tax cuts because "nothing works"." - Polly Toynbee in The Guardian

"Civil Service reform is important, but it needs to be accompanied by a hard look at the role of central government. As Gordon Brown has said: ''The British way is to break up centralised institutions that are too remote and insensitive and so devolve power." We live in hope." - Richard Wilson in The Telegraph

Nationallottery LOTTERY HEAT-MAPS

"Millions of pounds from the National Lottery are being diverted to Labour's heartlands, says a survey published by the Conservatives yesterday. Tory constituencies receive almost £11 million less than their Labour counterparts - and would receive almost £2.2 billion extra if they were funded at the same level as Labour constituencies." - Telegraph

Table of how much money went into each constituency - Daily Mail


"Anticipating the withdrawal of British forces there, it has apparently penetrated both the city's security network and its political parties in order to be well-placed to dominate the power structure of southern Iraq when the coalition troops depart. Most alarmingly, the Iranian plans entail seizing control of the southern Iraqi oil fields, effectively preventing western interests from gaining any stake in their supplies." - Telegraph leader


"Britain's secret intelligence service, MI6, has challenged the government's claim that a major corruption inquiry into Saudi Arabian arms deals was threatening national security." - Guardian


"Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are to begin a campaigning blitz in Scotland within a month in an attempt to defeat the Scottish Nationalists at the Holyrood elections in May and save the Union." - Times


"Europe's far-right, xenophobic and extremist parties crossed a new threshold yesterday, winning more speaking time, money, and political influence in the European Parliament than ever before.                                            Claiming the backing of 23 million Europeans, ultra-nationalists secured   enough MEPs to make a formal political grouping, underlining the growing   challenge posed by the far right across the continent." - Independent

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