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Saturday 2nd December 2006

7.30pm Seats and candidates update: Finalists for Tynemouth




London Mayor: London's top mover and shaker is... David Cameron

Donal Blaney on YourPlatform: Promptly report your action to the one who requested it

Seats and candidates:

Biggraphic_3 BLOG OF THE WEEK

UK Polling Report is indispensable for two main reasons: (1) for its analysis of the latest opinion polls and (2) for its guide to boundary changes and the new parliamentary seats.


"The government's aim of cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent by 2050 will not be enough to stop average temperature increases above two degrees Celsius, the Conservatives said on Friday. Instead, the government should look at how to cut emissions by 80 percent below 1990 levels over the same period and set an interim target to make sure it is reached." - Reuters


"People should take time to appreciate food, buy it locally to support small shops and suppliers and cook and prepare proper meals. The Conservative leader said that London was the home of some of the world’s best restaurants but as a nation “we just don’t respect food enough”. Too often people treated it like fuel, shovelling it down, any time, any place, anywhere, he said." - Times

"David Cameron was talking about the Slow Food Movement yesterday, founded by Carlo Petrini, a kind of Italian Jamie Oliver. Actually, he wasn't talking about slow food so much as briefly "celebrating" it, via Petrini's foodie celebrity. He was talking about why food matters." - Vicki Woods in The Telegraph


"David Cameron this week preferred to visit Basra rather than Islington, for the CBI annual conference. But presumably he cannot avoid British businessmen for ever. When he does, it could be that he would have spent too much time talking to our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan." - Frank Johnson in The Telegraph


"Only last week, George Osborne told friends that he was planning a fresh wave of attacks on the Chancellor. In doubtful taste at the best of times, they would rebound very badly now. The Tories have no choice but to abandon their policy of savaging Gordon Brown's character and judgment.  Moreover, at the very moment that the Tory manoeuvre unravels, the Chancellor is starting to show his hand.  This coming Wednesday does not just mark David Cameron's first anniversary. It is also the day when the Chancellor takes centre stage with his pre-Budget report.  He looks more powerful and confident than ever before, while the Tories urgently need to find some fresh tools in their armoury." - Peter Oborne in The Daily Mail

"What does it mean when the shadow chancellor of the exchequer is using graphology to attack Gordon Brown? Just to backtrack: Gordon and George squabbled, Gordon threw papers across the floor - that's how adults resolve conflict - George scooped them up, saw handwritten notes, and sent them off to a graphologist to find out all about the secret inner Gordon." - Guardian

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