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Saturday 25th November 2006

10pm ToryDiary update: John Major was right about the Scottish Parliament

Early evening updates: Simon Radford-Kirby selected for Brighton Kempton and Kevin Foster selected for Coventry South


Hague_2005_8ToryDiary: Hague and Osborne bounce back in latest ConservativeHome survey

Donal Blaney on YourPlatform: The test of moral ideas is moral results

Interviews: Challenge the Chairman III


"The Conservatives yesterday called for tougher regulatory controls to protect savers in schemes such as Farepak, the Christmas voucher and hamper company that collapsed this autumn. Alan Duncan, shadow trade and industry secretary, said there should be"immediate changes" to financial services rules to require companies such as Farepak to ring-fence customers' savings." - FT (registration required)


"A Tory frontbench MP has responded publicly for the first time to calls for him to resign after he had a gay relationship. Greg Barker, MP for Bexhill and Battle, in East Sussex, had separated from his wife when his relationship which has now ended, became public. Some local party activists have accused him of embarrassing the party." - BBC | Video


"While Labour had relied on the "clunking mechanisms of the state", a Tory government would target unemployment, education and family breakdown, he said. And he called for a massive boost in the involvement of the social and charity sectors in battling to raise standards of living for the worst off." - Yorkshire Today

"Mr Cameron may find that the reason the small platoons he wants to rope in to a national plan have been succeeding is that they have not been roped in to a national plan. No targets; no mission statements; no inspectors; no departmental imperatives; no health ’n’ safety; no paperwork; in some cases no year-end accounts. Their clients among the poor have not seen themselves as having “rights” nor their staff as having “duties”." - Matthew Parris in The Times


"David Cameron defended a Tory advertising campaign which is based on the word "tosser." The Tory leader admitted it was "provocative" and the word was not fit to be used in front of children. But he described the internet-based advert as a serious piece of work." - Daily Mail

"The Conservative Party is attempting to ditch its stuffy image through new advertising by Karmarama that uses a "tosser" to warn against getting into debt." - Brand Republic

Bloggers sort out Tory video - Guardian newsblog


"David Cameron is ready to invite Polly Toynbee, the doyenne of Left-wing commentary, to the next Tory conference, in another sign of his determination to break with the party's Thatcherite past. In a move that will add to restiveness on the Tory Right, he said he would be happy to welcome her as part of his mission to rebrand the Conservatives as more committed and better equipped than Labour to deliver a fair, "socially responsible" society." - Telegraph

"Why did the young Cameroon who suggested it decide to limit the Guardian's Polly Toynbee to being better than Churchill for the Tories only on poverty? Why not also on war, about which Churchill said much, too?" - Telegraph

Brown_at_conference_3 OTHER NEWSLINKS

"Chancellor Gordon Brown will warn that everyone in the United Kingdom would suffer economically and culturally if Scotland voted for independence. Mr Brown will tell the Scottish Labour Party conference that the economic futures of Scotland and the rest of the UK are inextricably linked." - BBC

"Pupils in Scotland are to be kept at school until they are 18 under radical education reforms. Jack McConnell has come up with the plan to end the scandal of Scotland's army of idle teenagers." - Daily Record

"Senior Tory MP Oliver Letwin will deliver a speech for an annual lecture on toleration which was launched 25 years ago at York University." - Yorkshire Today

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