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26 Nov 2006 09:03:42

Sunday 26th November 2006

8.30pm seats and candidates update: Nick King adopted for Mid Dorset and North Poole

NEWS UPDATE: Cameron cancels CBI speech for factfinding trip to Iraq (Ben Brogan's blog)

8pm update: returns this coming week

3pm Platform update: Peter Noordhoek reflects on the Dutch election results

1pm ToryDiary update: 'Doing the right thing' is getting harder and harder under Labour


ToryDiary: Bad news for Brown and Ming in survey of leadership qualities

Seats and candidates: 'Breath of fresh air' Priti Patel's right-wing views contrasted with 'slick' James Brokenshire and Final three for Carlisle


Traditional Tory issues move up the public's list of priorities according to a MORI poll identified in The Observer.

>>> analyses the MORI findings.


"A controversial 35-hour working week is under consideration by a group of David Cameron's key advisers.  The Quality of Life policy group has been consulting on whether the Conservatives should bring in European-style working hours for the "general wellbeing" of the population.  John Gummer, chairman of the panel, said: "It is a pretty peculiar situation that we work many more hours than many other countries but our productivity is not very high.  We have got to ask what are the things that cause that. I am not myself an enthusiast for shorter working weeks but we have got to know what people think about it. It is one of the issues we are trying to tease out."" - Sunday Telegraph

>>> Words have failed Iain Dale in his response to this story.  Well, nearly.


"How far will Mr Cameron dare to go in search of inspiration? Are tours of Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea being contemplated? Is he scouring Das Kapital for new ideas? Might he advocate ever-closer union with the EU? Or the wholesale nationalisation of the London Stock Exchange?  He could also consider a wealth tax of 80 per cent, to be redistributed to social workers. On defence, the scrapping of Britain's nuclear deterrent could be followed by the abolition of all three armed services. Whether it would be enough to make Polly Toynbee vote for him is, of course, another matter." - Sunday Telegraph leader

"Whatever doubts there are about Cameron, there should be none about his determination to place himself at the compassionate centre of British politics. His embrace of Toynbee, a Brown cheerleader, should convince the likely next prime minister that the threat to him at the next election is very real." - John Rentoul in The Independent on Sunday

"Cameron has already helped to legitimise environmentalism; now he is doing the same for concern about inequality. For that alone he deserves credit." - Will Hutton in The Observer

Janiceiain "When the former Tory leader met a woman whose son had died of drug abuse, it was his Damascus moment. Lorna Martin finds out why" in The Observer


"If the Sudanese fail to comply, we should be ready to freeze their Swiss bank accounts, extend travel bans and make it clear to the generals and politicians that the International Criminal Court will pursue them vigorously for the crimes being committed in their name." - the Tory leader writing in The Independent on Sunday


"The Conservatives are to call for a Commons statement on the death of the Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko.  The shadow home secretary, David Davis, intends to raise the matter when MPs return to Westminster on Monday." - BBC


"Unless we have a more representative Security Council, a more dynamic EU, a more cohesive Nato and a strengthened international effort against nuclear proliferation, the crises of coming years might well be impossible to resolve.  Such goals should be at the top of the list of the objectives of British ministers. Otherwise, there is a grave danger that international institutions will not be able to find solutions to 21st-century challenges." - The Shadow Foreign Secretary writing in The Sunday Telegraph


"Something remarkable is happening in the world of political advertising - Saatchi isn't working. The guru of right-wing communication has been replaced by a "Tosser".  When David Cameron dumped a subsidiary of M&C Saatchi in favour of the tiny, if very trendy, Karmarama agency it made front-page news." - Independent on Sunday


"Tessa Jowell will be sacked from her job of running the Olympics when Gordon Brown becomes Prime Minister, according to senior Labour sources.  The Chancellor is said to regard Miss Jowell, heavily criticised for allowing the Olympics bill to run out of control, as being 'too lightweight' to head such a massive project." - Mail on Sunday

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25 Nov 2006 07:23:00

Saturday 25th November 2006

10pm ToryDiary update: John Major was right about the Scottish Parliament

Early evening updates: Simon Radford-Kirby selected for Brighton Kempton and Kevin Foster selected for Coventry South


Hague_2005_8ToryDiary: Hague and Osborne bounce back in latest ConservativeHome survey

Donal Blaney on YourPlatform: The test of moral ideas is moral results

Interviews: Challenge the Chairman III


"The Conservatives yesterday called for tougher regulatory controls to protect savers in schemes such as Farepak, the Christmas voucher and hamper company that collapsed this autumn. Alan Duncan, shadow trade and industry secretary, said there should be"immediate changes" to financial services rules to require companies such as Farepak to ring-fence customers' savings." - FT (registration required)


"A Tory frontbench MP has responded publicly for the first time to calls for him to resign after he had a gay relationship. Greg Barker, MP for Bexhill and Battle, in East Sussex, had separated from his wife when his relationship which has now ended, became public. Some local party activists have accused him of embarrassing the party." - BBC | Video


"While Labour had relied on the "clunking mechanisms of the state", a Tory government would target unemployment, education and family breakdown, he said. And he called for a massive boost in the involvement of the social and charity sectors in battling to raise standards of living for the worst off." - Yorkshire Today

"Mr Cameron may find that the reason the small platoons he wants to rope in to a national plan have been succeeding is that they have not been roped in to a national plan. No targets; no mission statements; no inspectors; no departmental imperatives; no health ’n’ safety; no paperwork; in some cases no year-end accounts. Their clients among the poor have not seen themselves as having “rights” nor their staff as having “duties”." - Matthew Parris in The Times


"David Cameron defended a Tory advertising campaign which is based on the word "tosser." The Tory leader admitted it was "provocative" and the word was not fit to be used in front of children. But he described the internet-based advert as a serious piece of work." - Daily Mail

"The Conservative Party is attempting to ditch its stuffy image through new advertising by Karmarama that uses a "tosser" to warn against getting into debt." - Brand Republic

Bloggers sort out Tory video - Guardian newsblog


"David Cameron is ready to invite Polly Toynbee, the doyenne of Left-wing commentary, to the next Tory conference, in another sign of his determination to break with the party's Thatcherite past. In a move that will add to restiveness on the Tory Right, he said he would be happy to welcome her as part of his mission to rebrand the Conservatives as more committed and better equipped than Labour to deliver a fair, "socially responsible" society." - Telegraph

"Why did the young Cameroon who suggested it decide to limit the Guardian's Polly Toynbee to being better than Churchill for the Tories only on poverty? Why not also on war, about which Churchill said much, too?" - Telegraph

Brown_at_conference_3 OTHER NEWSLINKS

"Chancellor Gordon Brown will warn that everyone in the United Kingdom would suffer economically and culturally if Scotland voted for independence. Mr Brown will tell the Scottish Labour Party conference that the economic futures of Scotland and the rest of the UK are inextricably linked." - BBC

"Pupils in Scotland are to be kept at school until they are 18 under radical education reforms. Jack McConnell has come up with the plan to end the scandal of Scotland's army of idle teenagers." - Daily Record

"Senior Tory MP Oliver Letwin will deliver a speech for an annual lecture on toleration which was launched 25 years ago at York University." - Yorkshire Today

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24 Nov 2006 18:07:40

Friday 24th November 2006

10.45pm Seats and candidates update: Michael Mates to step down

5.45pm Seats and candidates update: Final for Norfolk North

12.15pm ToryDiary update: A conservative approach to fighting poverty


Andrew Mitchell MP on YourPlatform: Our 'Responsibility to Protect' Darfur

Seats and candidates: £275 and you can go to the ball and Hammersmith selection will follow fast-tracking of Hands and Rifkind

CF Diary:


"Labour accused Mr Cameron of not being genuine in his "Damascene conversion" to tackling poverty. They also claimed that Iain Duncan Smith, now heading the social justice policy group, had himself spoken out against relative definitions of poverty.  But Mr Cameron's aides insisted that Mr Duncan Smith was fully on side. They also said that any remarks distancing the party from the legacy of Winston Churchill were not authorised by Mr Cameron." - Telegraph

"Government will never be able to abolish poverty simply by handing over more and more money. First, it will never have enough money and secondly, if benefits are too high, you trap people into dependence on them. It no longer pays to take work.  Instead, the Tory leader will say, we should try to address the root causes of poverty, such as family breakdown, poor educational attainment, lack of aspiration, drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness, lack of childcare and poor housing. He wants to tackle these not through government action, but by financing social enterprises and voluntary organisations, which are more human and less bureaucratic than the State." - Mary Ann Sieghart in The Times

>>> ToryDiary: Acting against relative poverty is new Tory goal


Dothetories"David Cameron risked angering traditionalists after commissioning a controversial set of adverts which feature a character described as a 'tosser'... The word 'tosser', which is slang for a sex act, is described by the Oxford English Dictionary as 'a term of contempt or abuse for a person.'  ...Tory MP Philip Davies said: "I can understand that we don't want to encourage people to get into debt. But this is a curious choice of word. It will raise a few eyebrows."  Another Tory MP, who did not want to be named, added: "We have a few tossers in the Conservative party and some of them are clearly behind this advert."" - Daily Mail

"The Tories caused outrage last night by branding people who get into debt "t****rs"... Lib Dem spokesman Vince Cable said: "It's an insult to hard-working people who have no alternative but to borrow.  It's the kind of crass nonsense expected from a party of rich, young men who never had to balance a budget in their lives."" - Mirror


"The work Iain Duncan Smith is doing with the Centre for Social Justice will, I believe, be the most valuable and radical of all the policy reports commissioned by Mr Cameron. Liam Fox’s Tory leadership campaign was based on the proposition that Labour has left Britain with a ‘broken soc-iety’ just as it left a broken economy in 1979. This agenda is not the monopoly of the Tory leader: Conservatives, as a movement, see a clear mission ahead of them." - Fraser Nelson in the Spectator

23 Nov 2006 08:56:46

Thursday 23rd November 2006

8.30pm ToryDiary update: Cameron and Ashcroft both wrong on political funding

5.30pm ToryDiary update: Cameron - Acting against relative poverty is new Tory goal

Noon ToryDiary update: It's time to put Missile Defence back on the agenda

Marksteyn3 In an interview with the New Culture Forum, Mark Steyn lays into David Cameron:

"My view of David Cameron is that he is a total disaster. The big difference between Britain and the principal English-speaking countries is that Canada, Australia and the United States all have conservative leaders and Britain doesn’t. And those conservative leaders didn’t get elected to the highest office by taking the David Cameron route which is mainly about the fact that he is the first Tory leader to look cool in jeans and an open-neck shirt, and the fact that he has embraced Al Gore’s movie…"


ToryDiary: Socially-responsible Tories want you to fight the tosser within

Paul V Greenall on YourPlatform: Time for a Local Government Review?

Seats and candidates: Stuart Andrew selected for Pudsey


"It can only be good news if the Tories are serious about poverty. Tunbridge Wells may be affronted when its MP, Greg Clark, urges his party to look to the Guardian for inspiration, but why not? As a lifelong campaigner against all the social damage done by the Tories down the years, it would be churlish not to rejoice if they are now using leaves out of my book, instead of Winston Churchill's. If David Cameron takes up the Clark report, this would mark a breakthrough." - Polly Toynbee in The Guardian

"She may be a hypocrite, she may be a solid Thatcherite in her approach to property rentals and private education, but Polly Toynbee has made herself an authority on the evils of Gordon Brown's high taxes on low earners, and for that alone she deserves respect. Greg Clark is right. Welcome to the Tory party, Polly. Let's all have tea!" - Boris Johnson MP in The Telegraph

"John Hayes, MP for South Holland and the Deepings and a member of the rightwing Cornerstone group, agreed that it was "absolutely right" to focus on poverty and true to the Conservative party's roots.  "The elevation of people is a critical party of the Conservative party preoccupation," he said.  "As a root-and-branch Tory I believe that the fortunate have a fundamental responsibility to those less fortunate.  In taking up that great cause Iain Duncan Smith and Greg Clark are doing enormously valuable work and have rescued social justice as a concept from the barren wilderness of liberalism." - The Guardian on the reaction of 'the right'

>>> There'll be a ToryDiary post on Greg Clark's views later today.


Indyheadline "David Cameron will tell women activists today that the Conservative Party does not need to copy Labour by introducing all-women shortlists, because the campaign to get more Tory women into the Commons is working without it.  The Tory leader will be guest speaker at a reception to mark the first anniversary of Women2Win, set up by senior Tories who were intent on ending the party's reputation for choosing men to run as Tory candidates and expecting their wives to act as unpaid assistants." - The Independent


"Company bosses are still "uncertain" over the Conservative party's attitude towards business, the head of the CBI employers' group said yesterday.  In a wide-ranging interview with The Independent, Richard Lambert said David Cameron, the Tory leader, appeared to see big business as a "vested interest"." - The Independent

In a letter to The Telegraph, Corin Taylor of The Taxpayers' Alliance thinks that the Tories are wrong on tax:

"Mr Osborne correctly argues that Gordon Brown's tax rises have damaged the economy and hit families hard, but, worryingly, he said at the launch of the Tax Reform Commission Report that any tax changes will be "revenue-neutral". In other words, every tax cut will be met by an equal and opposite tax rise.  Britain seems to have moved towards a high-tax, high-spending state with little debate. Mr Brown should not be allowed to win that easily."


The following video was recorded yesterday in reaction to this ICM/ Guardian survey.  Stephan recently took part in a IDEAS SHOW discussion on opinion polling with Ivor Crewe. Click here to watch the Jesse Norman-hosted show.

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