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Friday 24th November 2006

10.45pm Seats and candidates update: Michael Mates to step down

5.45pm Seats and candidates update: Final for Norfolk North

12.15pm ToryDiary update: A conservative approach to fighting poverty


Andrew Mitchell MP on YourPlatform: Our 'Responsibility to Protect' Darfur

Seats and candidates: £275 and you can go to the ball and Hammersmith selection will follow fast-tracking of Hands and Rifkind

CF Diary:


"Labour accused Mr Cameron of not being genuine in his "Damascene conversion" to tackling poverty. They also claimed that Iain Duncan Smith, now heading the social justice policy group, had himself spoken out against relative definitions of poverty.  But Mr Cameron's aides insisted that Mr Duncan Smith was fully on side. They also said that any remarks distancing the party from the legacy of Winston Churchill were not authorised by Mr Cameron." - Telegraph

"Government will never be able to abolish poverty simply by handing over more and more money. First, it will never have enough money and secondly, if benefits are too high, you trap people into dependence on them. It no longer pays to take work.  Instead, the Tory leader will say, we should try to address the root causes of poverty, such as family breakdown, poor educational attainment, lack of aspiration, drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness, lack of childcare and poor housing. He wants to tackle these not through government action, but by financing social enterprises and voluntary organisations, which are more human and less bureaucratic than the State." - Mary Ann Sieghart in The Times

>>> ToryDiary: Acting against relative poverty is new Tory goal


Dothetories"David Cameron risked angering traditionalists after commissioning a controversial set of adverts which feature a character described as a 'tosser'... The word 'tosser', which is slang for a sex act, is described by the Oxford English Dictionary as 'a term of contempt or abuse for a person.'  ...Tory MP Philip Davies said: "I can understand that we don't want to encourage people to get into debt. But this is a curious choice of word. It will raise a few eyebrows."  Another Tory MP, who did not want to be named, added: "We have a few tossers in the Conservative party and some of them are clearly behind this advert."" - Daily Mail

"The Tories caused outrage last night by branding people who get into debt "t****rs"... Lib Dem spokesman Vince Cable said: "It's an insult to hard-working people who have no alternative but to borrow.  It's the kind of crass nonsense expected from a party of rich, young men who never had to balance a budget in their lives."" - Mirror


"The work Iain Duncan Smith is doing with the Centre for Social Justice will, I believe, be the most valuable and radical of all the policy reports commissioned by Mr Cameron. Liam Fox’s Tory leadership campaign was based on the proposition that Labour has left Britain with a ‘broken soc-iety’ just as it left a broken economy in 1979. This agenda is not the monopoly of the Tory leader: Conservatives, as a movement, see a clear mission ahead of them." - Fraser Nelson in the Spectator


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