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Tuesday 5th September 2006

10pm ToryDiary updates: Blair will go on 31st May 2007 and Beijing deserves no veto of British national interests

 Text of David Cameron's speech to business leaders in Mumbai:

"We attach the highest importance to Britain's relationship with India.  We have learnt so much already; are full of ideas for the future - and we hope to be back here before too long.  In Humphrey Bogart's famous last words at the end of Casablanca: I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Tuesday_21Noon update: "A woman was seriously injured after she was hit by a minibus carrying Conservative aides on David Cameron's four-day trip to India... The woman appeared dead after the crash but Mrs Treadell said she had been taken to hospital for emergency surgery... The entourage had been en route to the Taj Mahal Hotel for a lunch appointment following a trip to a slum." - BBC plus David Cameron notes the incident on his blog


CF Diary: Conservative Future candidates answer your questions

ToryDiary: Cameron wants a new special relationship... with India and London Tories still prefer Thatcher to Cameron BUT... Robert McIlveen recommends the legalisation of prostitution

Seats and candidates: CCHQ uses A-list to encourage more defections to Tories


>>> David Miliband gives Blair twelve more months (ToryDiary) after Downing Street leaks the 'Blair switch project' to The Mirror

"Dozens of Labour MPs signed formal letters calling for Tony Blair's resignation last night, heaping pressure on him to speed up his exit from Downing Street.  Senior backbenchers said at least three letters were circulating from MPs furious at the Prime Minister's refusal to give a date for leaving No 10.  The letters have been signed by many previously loyal MPs from the 2001 and 2005 intake to the Parliamentary party as well as former ministers and are understood to urge Mr Blair to step down and trigger a leadership contest as soon as possible." - Telegraph

"Tony Blair's position has been further undermined by the drafting of a private letter from a majority of the 2001 intake of Labour MPs urging him to resign." - Guardian


"Labour's prospects at the next general election could be virtually the same under John Reid as under Gordon Brown, in both cases trailing well behind David Cameron’s Conservative Party, according to a Populus poll for The Times."

>>> Yesterday's ToryDiary discussed this poll.


"Oliver Letwin, the Conservative policy chief, dismissed calls from those within his own party for an emphasis on cuts in taxes cuts by declaring: “We need an unambiguous commitment to growth in public services." - Times 


"Sudan has signalled its intention to deal with the situation in Darfur by military force after ordering the 7,000 African Union (AU) troops overseeing a recently signed peace agreement to leave. They will be replaced by more than 10,000 Sudanese troops - a move which prompted one rights group to suggest that Khartoum may carry out genocide." - Independent

"A UN meeting on Darfur is scheduled for Friday. It is not too late to reach a deal on humanitarian aid corridors; nor for the Arab League to see that defending barbarity is ultimately self-defeating. In the meantime, the next Rwanda looms." - Times leader

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