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Thursday 3rd August 2006

12.30pm ToryDiary update: Does the right hate Britain?


ToryDiary: As the Middle East crisis continues - 'Where is David Cameron?'

London: On 'abolish mayoralty' platform, Lee Rotherham becomes sixth candidate


Telegraph Spy mentions the possibility of a mayoral bid from Eric Ollerenshaw

"David Cameron's X Factor-style contest to select a Tory candidate for Mayor of London was in disarray yesterday, after the best-known contender pulled out of the race at the last minute.  The radio DJ Nick Ferrari's decision to withdraw leaves the party without a confirmed "big name" candidate, 24 hours before applications for the job are due to close... Under the current plans, the Tories will hold a press conference on Friday morning at which the number of applicants for the London mayoral job will be announced. Candidates will then go through a vetting process by a panel of senior MPs and party officials. The top six - if as many as six candidates apply - will then be publicly announced in advance of the primary campaign." - The Independent


Cameronfacesrevolt_1 Tony Blair flies back to Britain and reportedly faces mutiny on his Israel policy from his Cabinet.  The newspapers are also full of stories of Tory divisions:

  • "David Cameron is facing the first serious revolt within his party after senior Tories disowned frontbench criticism of Israel’s “disproportionate” bombardment of Lebanon." - The Times
  • "The Tory leader has given his full approval to William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, who criticised some Israeli attacks on Lebanon as "disproportionate".  But Lord Kalms, a former Tory treasurer and prominent member of the British Jewish community, wrote in The Spectator magazine: "William Hague's usual good sense has deserted him."" - Telegraph
  • "The former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith signalled in an article last week that he was unhappy with Mr Hague's stand and the shadow defence secretary, Liam Fox, offered strong sympathy with the Israelis. But Mr Hague's line has so far been generally supported by the Tory backbenches." - Guardian

Meanwhile, William Hague uses an article in The Times to underline his criticisms of Israel:

"Ministers were wrong to be so slow and reluctant to warn Israel of the dangers and injustice of attacks on purely civil infrastructure and other areas of Lebanon. The Government should have been able to say clearly two weeks ago that elements of the Israeli response were disproportionate, risking unnecessary loss of civilian life and an increase in popular support for Hezbollah."


"David Cameron's pledge to transform the Tory Party was under pressure last night amid claims that he had watered-down his controversial A-list of parliamentary candidates.  In an unexpected move, the elite list of priority candidates for winnable seats was doubled from about 100 to almost 200 names." - Telegraph


The Times covers the launch of a Tory campaign against a proposed levy on hotels, hostels and bed and breakfast establishments.

"The Conservative party has confirmed that its leader, David Cameron, has been boycotting Channel 4 News and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  The move follows an interview on the programme last year during which Cameron was questioned about cocaine use." - UK Press Gazette

"A group of key voluntary umbrella bodies has been called in by the Conservative Party to help it draft new policies for tackling Britain's main social problems.  A working group of the party's Social Justice Policy Group last week met the NCVO, Acevo and the Charities' Tax Reform Group, all of which put forward submissions on how the voluntary sector could improve social services." - Third Sector

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