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Friday 4th August 2006

6pm ToryDiary update: God bless Canada (and the conservatism of Stephen Harper)


LondonMayor: Evening Standard - Six month delay to find heavier-hitters (confirmed at 2pm)

ToryDiary: Is CCHQ fit for purpose?

Hagueisraelsplit On YourPlatform Robert Halfon writes an open letter to William Hague about the Shadow Foreign Secretary's recent criticisms of Israel:

"I know you are a true friend of Israel. I also am aware that you are an enthusiastic Atlantacist and keen to strengthen the Anglo-American special relationship. It would be wonderful to see you as Foreign Secretary in a future Conservative government, fighting for Britain’s national interest - at the forefront, leading our allies in the war against terror and global jihad.  Nevertheless, I am concerned that elements of your recent statements on Israel will be interpreted  by our friends and allies  - most notably those in the United States - as disproportionate and unfair..."

Seats and candidates: Non A-listers receive a third class service


"Conservative plans for a high-profile primary election for its next candidate for London mayor were hit last night when Steve Norris, who contested the last two elections for the party, said he would not be putting his name forward." - Guardian 


"Government plans to introduce ID cards are "inconsistent" and "lacking clarity", the Commons science and technology committee has said." - BBC


E J Dionne of the Washington Post:

"On immigration, the big-business right and culturally optimistic conservatives square off against cultural pessimists and conservatives who see porous borders as a major security threat. On stem cell research, libertarians battle conservatives who have serious moral and religious doubts about the practice -- and even some staunch opponents of abortion break with the right-to-life movement on the issue.  On spending ... well, on spending incoherence and big deficits are the order of the day. Writing last May in National Review, conservatives Kate O'Beirne and Rich Lowry had one word to describe the Republican Congress' approach to the matter: "Incontinence.''"


Jonathan Tepperman in the Wall Street Journal:

"Realistically, only NATO soldiers would have the capacity for such a job. Apart from being well-equipped, NATO troops are trained to fight together. This gives them a huge advantage over polyglot U.N. forces, who are often badly coordinated and can barely communicate among themselves (the peacekeepers killed last week in southern Lebanon included a Canadian, a Chinese, an Austrian and a Finn). A good model to follow would be the 2000 mission in Sierra Leone, where an international force, stiffened and supported by a large contingent of British troops with a wide mandate, managed to halt a civil war in a matter of months."

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