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Sunday 9th July 2006

3.45pm ToryDiary update: 70% of Tory members expect David Cameron to be PM after next General Election 



Steve Delahunty on YourPlatform: On your Vespa, Dave


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Speaking to the Centre for Social Justice tomorrow "Mr Cameron will say teenagers who hide under hooded tops are trying to "blend in" rather than appear threatening.  He will describe hoodies as "a response to a problem, not a problem itself." - BBC

"In his speech to the Tory think tank the Centre for Social Justice, he claims that in deprived estates children can easily turn to crime because they have no money and nothing to do.  And he praises charities working with inner-city teenagers, saying the voluntary sector can succeed where the New Labour state has failed." - Mail on Sunday

A leader in the News of the World:

"David Cameron is right when he argues that many hoodies roaming our towns and cities are the victims of a fractured, loveless family life... But the Tories' brightest hope is playing a perilous game if this soft and cuddly message is his starting point in the war on crime.  These kids may be bored, but they also have a choice between right and wrong.  A hoodie may be a camouflage for some damaged children... but for many others it is also a cover against CCTV cameras... To have any prospect of the key to No.10 Mr Cameron needs to deliver a clear and robust message: Crime is ALWAYS wrong."


The Sunday Telegraph previews the coming selection meetings in the Tory-held seats of Folkestone & Hythe and West Worcestershire.


"The Conservatives in Scotland are trying to banish their image as the nasty old party, but they are starting from a dreadful position." - Sunday Times


Martin Ivens, in The Sunday Times, says that the Tories should leave the EPP but should not ally themselves "with people who take a rabidly uninclusive (ie, traditionally east European) view of gays and ethnic minorities."


Disadvantagednorth_1 "In the north of England there is a strong argument for an empowerment agenda, to contrast with Labour’s handout agenda – the tools to make your own choices, rather than have benefits extended.  The tools may come from the laboratory of Iain Duncan Smith, former Tory leader, whose Centre for Social Justice is now doing extraordinary work on inner-city poverty and the methods to combat it." - Fraser Nelson in The Business


"Net provocateurs invade Westminster - John Prescott's travails show that the political establishment can no longer ignore the growing tribe of bloggers." - Ned Temko writes for The Observer

"Big companies beware - you're being blogged" - Matthew Lynn in The Business

Iain Dale wrote for yesterday's Yorkshire Post about blogging John Prescott.

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