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Saturday 1st July 2006


  • "Sir Menzies Campbell says his authority as Liberal Democrat leader is on the line over his tax proposals.  In an interview for the GMTV Sunday Programme, he admitted he could lose a vote on the plans at his party's autumn conference and it was a personal test." - BBC
  • "For all the talk of the rise of Latin America's left, Mexican presidential hopeful Felipe Calderon could show on Sunday that, while unfashionable, U.S.-style conservatives can still win hearts and minds." - Reuters
  • "Lyndon Jones has been re-appointed unopposed as chairman of the Welsh Conservatives." - icWales

2.45pm update on the candidates blog: JULIAN STURDY IS SELECTED FOR YORK OUTER

Indy_front_pageThe Independent's front page >>>


ToryDiary: In twenty words, the next Tory government will...?

Donal Blaney on YourPlatform: In moments of crisis, the initiative passes to those who are best prepared

AFTER BROMLEY: General reaction

"Mr Maude intends to use the near-defeat to push ahead with party reforms. He sounded his warning in a paged message to all MPs first thing in the morning. The message read: “Bromley: disappointing result. This shows change must move faster, wider and deeper.”  Mainstream MPs said that the result proved no such thing. “This result is the precursor to a battle between Francis Maude and Cameron and the circle around him and the rest of the party,” one frontbencher said. “They are already saying if they had had an A-list candidate in place it would have been a better campaign. That is utter fantasy. I think we would have lost the seat in that case.”" - The Times

"Greg Hurst, Parliament correspondent for The Times, explains why David Cameron might have more to mull over than Tony Blair after last night's by-election results."

"John Curtice, professor of politics at Strathclyde University, said: "With the exception of the modest progress made in May's local elections the Tory party still has to demonstrate any evidence of a revival in the ballot box.  This suggests there is still a battle going on for who can secure the spoils of Labour unpopularity and that the current Tory lead is probably more of a testament to the unpopularity of Labour than the popularity of the Conservatives." - The Independent

"The Conservatives fought a feeble campaign which did not justify Mr Cameron's claim that his party is changing. The Liberal Democrats have a right to celebrate, even though they did not win anywhere. And the message for all parties is that no voter can be taken for granted." - Guardian leader

AFTER BROMLEY: The Tories need real policies

Sunsays_3"If Cameron wants to make reality of the theoretical advantage he holds in the polls, he must concentrate on selling REAL policies to the public.  People tell pollsters they’ll vote for him because he seems plausible and surveys don’t matter much.  When it comes to actually marking their cross for the Tories they’re not yet sure Cameron will improve their lives at all." - The Sun

"Dave and his crew should start spending more time on creating solid policies.  Bromley should teach them that natural Conservative voters are not seduced by such pathetic stunts as Mr Cameron cycling to Parliament with his chauffeur-driven car following.  Or planting a tree to compensate for the ecological gaffe of taking a private plane to the World Cup... Put simply, the message from tribal Tories to Mr Cameron is: 'Stop taking us for granted'.  And from the electorate to Mr Blair?  It can be summed up in a single word: 'Go!'" - Daily Mail leader (not yet online)

"Yes, I know our YouGov poll yesterday showed Dave two points ahead of Tony Blair in popularity, and the Conservatives six points ahead of Labour: but Donald Duck could do that against this Labour Government... If the best the Conservatives can do in such a climate is get in by the skin of their Gucci loafers, then heaven help them... In a country screaming out for an opposition, this policy-lite, image-obsessed drivel is wildly depressing. Most days, I get letters or e-mails from one or two of our dear readers asking me when I think they will have a "proper" Conservative Party to vote for." - Simon Heffer, The Telegraph

AFTER BROMLEY: The power and persistence of independent candidates

"If a strong local independent candidate emerges, with a serious campaign, voters are increasingly likely to support them. Nor is this a passing phenomenon. As we saw in Wyre Forest in 2005 - and now in Gwent - independent seats can quite easily remain independent.  Labour, the Conservatives and even the Liberal Democrats should beware. The idea that the public has nowhere else to go is quite wrong. In this age of increasing consumer choice and electoral promiscuity, every vote is up for grabs." - Independent leader


"What on earth is David Cameron up to? His speech this week calling for the 1998 Human Rights Act, which enshrines the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in British law, to be replaced with a home-grown bill of rights was shockingly muddle-headed and riddled with inconsistencies..." - The Economist


The Bristol Evening Post profile new Tory candidate Jack LoPresti

Meet Britain's other black farmer -

The US Congress wisely resists the urge to regulate cyberspace - City Journal

Four projects for righteous anti-Iraq war types - Christopher Hitchens on

PS 36 hours after polling stations closed and the LibDems still haven't turned off Ben Abbotts' Google ads (related link)!

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