>> ToryRadio has today launched a five minute review of the political week. It's well worth..."/>
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Sunday 25th June 2006

11.30pm ToryDiary update: American compassionate conservatism can still teach us a thing or two 


"Come on England" - CCHQ flies the flag >>>

ToryRadio has today launched a five minute review of the political week.  It's well worth a listen.

"A group of leading economists will today write to Gordon Brown, urging him to follow the example of America’s Treasury and test whether tax rates can be cut without hitting tax revenues." - Sunday Times

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Seats and candidates blog: Round-up


  1. More police on the street
  2. Tougher sentences
  3. More prisons
  4. Rehabilitate and re-educate
  5. A Royal Commission on criminal justice

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The Mail on Sunday is furious at Friday night's Jonathan Ross interview with David Cameron and the £6m-a-year Ross' 'did you or did you not have a wank thinking Margaret Thatcher?' question.  A leader thunders:

"Mockery and satire are one thing - in fact they are an important way of sharpening political debate - but sheer, gross personal bad manners are another.  The question put by Mr Ross to Mr Cameron was not mocking or satirical.  It was moronic and infantile...  David Cameron also needs to ask himself if he behaved wisely.  He knew the risks he ran when he agreed to take part.  He reacted to the crudity by laughing indulgently..."

"If I had been on the show I would have told Ross that he was a slob," said Lord Tebbit: "It is a pity that David Cameron didn't tell him so and leave the show."  Gerald Gowarth MP, also in the MoS, calls for Jonathan Ross to be fired.

The Observer is also unimpressed: "For an expletive to have dramatic effect, it must come in the context of otherwise sober discourse. If every broadcast is peppered with expletives, our language is impoverished. Mr Ross crossed a line in his interview with Mr Cameron last week."

>> ToryDiary discussion.


"The terrible truth is that by reducing economic growth, environmentalists would inadvertently kill far more people by slowing the industrialisation of Africa and keeping people in poverty than an increase in world temperatures ever will" - leading article in The Business


"The gap between public spending in the UK and in the euro zone will fall to a record low of 0.9 percentage points of GDP next year, compared with 8.8 points just six years ago." - The Business


Ids_to_csj_2 "Iain Duncan Smith, the former Conservative leader and chairman of the party's new Social Justice Policy Group, will announce the winners of this year's Council for Social Justice Awards on Wednesday." - Sunday Telegraph

"It was Sir Geoffrey Howe, not Heseltine, who finished off Mrs Thatcher. It is New Labour, not Old, that will eventually do for Mr Blair. Tomorrow, we shall get a taste of Mr Clarke's likely role in that impending finale." - Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

The Independent on Sunday profiles former Met Chief John Stevens - a man who may be the next Tory candidate for London Mayor

Labour MP Claire Curtis-Thomas is attempting to put sexually explicit "lad's mags" on to the top shelf of newsagents - BBC

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