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Sunday 11th June 2006

2pm ToryDiary update: Whatever Michael Portillo recommends it is usually wise to do the opposite 


ToryDiary: Mr Cameron is creating a Europe-wide opposition to federalism, says The Sunday Telegraph and David Cameron must counter product placement critique

Hannan_7 YourPlatform: Leaving the EPP will be truly revolutionary, writes Daniel Hannan MEP

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Compassionateconservatism_3Jesse Norman and Janan Ganesh complete the four-part serialisation of their forthcoming paper on 'compassionate conservatism' with a posting on policy implications of their analysis.


Ids_1 Iain Duncan Smith in The Sunday Telegraph:

"Why does the Met need to undertake this ludicrous briefing war through the airwaves? It is so undignified and makes the police look untrustworthy.  In this age of 24-hour television, the rules that used to govern operations in the past still stand. Be sure, act swiftly, act silently and explain only when the operation ends without off-the-record briefings. The media can wait until something of truth and substance needs to be said."


"The Tories have made progress under David Cameron, yet their reluctance to talk about tax cuts has become almost as comical as Basil Fawlty’s exhortation not to mention the war. This is despite evidence that people are growing disenchanted with Labour’s higher taxes and lack of tangible results in public services... A cut in income tax rates, combined with an increase in the tax threshold to £10,000 — taking millions out of tax altogether — would be a popular platform. Higher green taxes would fit in with Mr Cameron’s personal agenda and meet the mood of the times... The Ming plan has stolen some of the Tories’ clothes. They should give Ming one cheer and steal them back." - Sunday Times leader

Leader in The Business:

"In the first decade of the 21st century the greatest danger to Britain’s jobs and prosperity is the same as it was in the 1980s: a hungry, over-extended state and high taxation which makes everyone poorer. Until Mr Cameron grasps the importance of rolling back the state and finds a new language to sell such a vision to the country – by showing how lower taxes would help ordinary people, including the most vulnerable, would not damage schools and hospitals but would allow Britain to compete with the emerging economic giants of the Far East – it will matter little whether Mr Cameron or Mr Brown is in 10 Downing Street after the next election. No wonder there is once again the palpable smell of decline in the British atmosphere."


"The Tory leader's habit of name-dropping brands associated with his friends is raising eyebrows"- Independent on Sunday

"The Conservative party has so far failed to come up with a proper economic policy and is neglecting the plight of small businesses, according to the British Chambers of Commerce." - Sunday Telegraph

"Conservative moves to water down company directors' obligations to protect the environment and communities show David Cameron's claims to stand up to big business are hollow, according to a coalition of 120 campaign groups and unions.  The Trade Justice Movement has joined with unions and church leaders in a scathing attack on the Tory leader and is demanding a meeting with him. They are furious the Conservatives are opposing key parts of the Company Law Reform Bill, which is due to go to committee this week after its second reading in the House of Commons." - Observer


"[Third World fisheries agreements] funded to the tune of some £2 billion by EU taxpayers, allow Spanish and other EU trawlers to destroy local fish stocks. Their reckless fishing methods are also responsible for an immense human disaster, as they destroy the livelihoods of African fishermen, thousands of whom have actually been killed by huge modern trawlers riding roughshod over their fishing grounds." - Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph


"More voters are prepared to dance with the Tories under David Cameron. But the Tory leader is a long way yet from asking the girl back to his place. Because there is no place to ask her back to." - Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

"Scots Tory leader Annabel Goldie is facing a furious backlash from party members over plans for a so-called "Vote Blue, Get Jack" pact with Labour at next year's Holyrood election." - Scotland on Sunday

"An Ulster Unionist party officer and former Young Unionist chairman is defecting to the Conservative party of Northern Ireland. Peter Bowles took the decision in protest at the UUP’s recently announced deal with the Progressive Unionist party." - Sunday Times


Fraser Nelson, The Business:

"To much of the world, the UN is an warm ideal which represents humanitarianism and consensus – a view which can only be held from a distance.  Closer inspection reveals a UN whose troops literally stood by in both the 1995 Srebrenica massacre and the Rwandan genocide. Annan has admitted that UN staff sexually abused Congolese refugees they were supposed to be protecting. A report has detailed the jaw-dropping corruption in the oil-for-food scheme, when UN officials were found to be taking bribes from Saddam Hussein instead of guarding him. When put into action, the UN does not work... Decisions of war and peace bypass the UN, yet it is expected to resolve both the genocide in Darfur and the nuclear standoff in Iran. Nothing gives despots greater comfort than knowing their fate is being left to the UN, especially if the despot has oil with which to bribe one of the veto-wielding members of the Security Council."


"Labour is trusted less on key issues of crime, immigration and terrorism than the governments of other major countries, according to an opinion poll published today.  It shows that voters’ confidence in Tony Blair is lower than George Bush’s rating in America and the leaders of Germany, France, Italy and Spain." - Sunday Times

"The public is to be told to "stop moaning and take action" against anti-social behaviour by the Home Secretary, John Reid." - Sunday Telegraph

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