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Saturday 24th June 2006

European_questionGuido Fawkes writes for the launch day of Labour Home.

5pm update in ToryDiary: CH Charity Appeal: Can you help?


Books: The European Question and the National Interest

ToryDiary: Is DC a libertarian paternalist? and 70% of English voters want to end subsidy of Scotland

Platform: Donal Blaney - Keep a secure home base

DC @ TUC ?

"David Cameron could become the first Conservative leader in history invited to address the annual rally of trade unions, the head of the TUC said yesterday. TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said he would be happy to see Mr Cameron at their conference after being encouraged by his shift to the centre ground." - Daily Mail


"David Cameron last night admitted Margaret Thatcher had never been his pin-up. The Tory leader told BBC1's Friday Night with Jonathan Ross he was only 13 and not interested in politics when she became prime minister." - Guardian

>>> ToryDiary: David Cameron on Jonathan Ross


"Cameron thinks he can find some political traction in contrasting his libertarian paternalism from Gordon Brown's economic control-freakery, but Brown is rapidly outgrowing his job as chancellor and will doubtless soon declare himself as a libertarian paternalist too." - James Harkin in The Guardian


"Tony Blair made it clear: Britain needed a “new approach to crime”. He said: “Crime is now rightly taking its place as a principal item on the political agenda.” That was 13 years ago." - Times leader

"There is something magnificent about Tony Blair's brazenness. For nine years, he has offered us a series of crackdowns and Respect Agenda initiatives. Yet here he is complaining that our system of criminal justice is more concerned with criminals than with justice." - Telegraph leader


Michael Gove in The Times:

Michael_gove "The British State does not have the courage to face down the advocates of political Islam. Islamists in Britain scent weakness. Just as Islamists abroad believe the West does not have the stamina to resist for long, so Islamists within the UK believe the momentum is with them. Islam’s Leninists have drawn the bayonet, probed, and found" mush.


"When we finally have a new government, the first thing it should do is simply to declare that it will pass no new laws for a year and devote itself to simplifying or repealing the ones that it has got. No, make that five years." - Charles Moore in The Telegraph


"The people to blame are the pork-barrelling Labour MPs who want to use their Scottish seats to command a kingdom-wide majority. It is they who, selfishly and short-sightedly, are imperilling the union and guaranteeing that they will one day be excluded from Westminster altogether." - Telegraph leader

£14.53 PER VOTE

"The Conservatives spent more than the other four parties put together in their unsuccessful bid to win Moray in the bitterly fought Scottish Parliament by-election in April." - North Scotland


England_flag_car "Here's a heretical thought. Forget the footie! You know it will soon end in Kleenex and recriminations. Instead, let’s talk about a field in which Britain can, and regularly does, wow the world. To misquote Bill Clinton only slightly: it’s the arts, stupid." - Richard Morrison in The Times

"A leading Tory has compared the fashion for flying England football flags with the Nazis' attempts to whip up nationalism." - Scotsman

"We are, of all countries on the planet, the most apologetic about asserting our common values. And yet there is a deep-felt longing, as the England penants fluttering from countless balconies and cars illustrate, to come together as one." - Janice Turner in The Times


"The huskies that transported David Cameron, the Tory party leader, to a melting glacier this year will soon be redundant unless global warming can be slowed." - The Times

"Property investor and Tory party donor Manny Davidson has sold his half share in retail park owner BL Davidson for £253m to joint venture partner British Land." - Telegraph

"Cameron made a Lord Charlie of himself in a home economics class at West Witney County Primary School." - Daily Mirror

Grey_squirrel "Murdo Fraser is the MSP and deputy leader of the Scottish Conservatives who suddenly surfaced in print and even on Radio Five declaring we should all be taking a pop at grey squirrels." - Alistair Robertson in Scotsman

"He is not normally recognised for his artistic flair, but a golden sunflower decorated by Conservative leader David Cameron is to be displayed alongside more than 2,500 other paper flowers at York Central Library." - Yorkshire Today

LabourHome is finally here.

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