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Monday 12th June 2006

Thatcher_heath Reminder: The second instalment of Tory! Tory! Tory! is on BBC2 tonight at 11:20pm...

"Road to Power: The 1970s. At the height of the Cold War, a group of right-wing activists decided the trade unions were part of a Soviet plot to take over Britain"

Iain Dale: The Today programme wants your ideas for a new Tory logo

Noon update in ToryDiary: Tough on crime? Tough on the causes of headlines 

10am CH Exclusive in ToryDiary: Francis Maude launches final plans for London mayoral selection


Platform: ConservativeHome arrives in Tel Aviv and Peter Franklin rebutts climate change scepticism

ToryDiary: William Norton's Week at the Movies

Community: David T Breaker



Labour have made quite a gaffe with their Bromley & Chislehurst by-election website. "Local campaigner" Rachel Reeves' campaign banner mis-spells Chislehurst and her website's heading mis-spells Bromley.


"There will be few mourners for the Conservative party's flaming-torch logo, which is close to being extinguished in the party's race to appear kind and gentle (and which anyway looks more like a melting ice-cream), but the need to replace it is a reminder that politics is about symbols as well as words." - Guardian leaderTory_torch_2

"Mr Maude told Sky News Sunday Live with Adam Boulton: "We are, again, looking at the branding of the party. I have to say that this a matter which is not occupying more than a fraction of any of our time. It is important to get it right but it's one of those quite superficial things that is not the be-all and end-all of our lives. It is something we will do over time but it really isn't a matter of huge importance." - Guardian


"This doesn't sound much like your bike-friendly vote-winner from Lapland North. This sounds like the Tories of yesteryear, swilling bile and xenophobia at the drop of a foreign syllable."

Peter Preston's boring attack on Cameron's EPP stance, in The Guardian

"Francis Maude was forced yesterday to deny that there had been a bust-up between David Cameron and William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, over Conservative plans to leave a federalist alliance in Brussels. The Tory party chairman intervened as senior party figures confirmed there had been tensions between the two men over the lack of progress Mr Hague has made in pulling out of the European People's Party." - Telegraph

>>>See yesterday's Platform article by Daniel Hannan MEP


"Once courts start bestowing rights on the basis of what they consider to be reasonable, we are in the realm of arbitrary government. Even in purely utilitarian terms, marriage is a first-rate institution: it provides education, healthcare and social services, sparing the state a good deal of effort. That is something that even this administration should appreciate." - Telegraph leader

"For this generation of parents, their world view and their values are grounded in the needs of their own children and they make their political judgments on the basis of their domestic priorities. Child-rearing is their vocation. Their political loyalties and opinions are dictated by a pretty straightforward calculus: how helpful is this political party going to be in supporting us in this monumentally important task?" - Janet Daley in The Telegraph


"Irrational misery alone could become a self-fulfilling prophecy for the Republicans. They need to be less obsessed with the quality of the small brushstrokes and stand back and look at the big picture that is US politics in the middle of the decade." - Tim Hames in The Times


"Sir - In the debate about the selection of Conservative candidates, one key issue has been overlooked. We lost the last election largely because of our failure to secure our traditionally strong level of support among women. David Cameron has convinced many women to look to the Conservatives once again by renewing our commitment to equality both in the workplace and in Parliament."

Letter to The Telegraph signed by ten Tory MPs.


"David Cameron's efforts to befriend Britain’s six million public sector employees has stopped short of encouraging them to become Conservative MPs, The Times reveals today. Research carried out on the occupations of Mr Cameron’s priority list of elite candidates found that only six have pursued careers in the public services."

>>>See this comment below for a correction to this article


"Most politicians have little understanding of tax. They think it is easier to tax business because global businesses do not have votes. They do not realise that Ireland has found that lower tax rates produce higher yields. The result is that Conservative tax policies are inadequate, Liberal Democrat policies are self-defeating, and Labour’s are complex and perverse." - William Rees-Mogg in The Times


Gordon_brown_1"Who could vote for a man with a voice like that? Who would sign up for four years of aural assault? Brown wields his voice like a blunt instrument. He bludgeons even the Today programme terrier John Humphrys into growling retreat. He stubbornly remains on-and-on-and-on message, belabouring his listeners into stunned submission. He drones out all dissent." - Rachel Campbell-Johnston in The Times


ToryRadio interview with Iain Dale (1 + 2)

"Conservative party officials will be in Manchester as the party begins an exercise to take in the views of voters around the country. The Tories' policy commissions are designed to persuade members of the public that the party is changing." - BBC

Direct Democracy now has a professional director and has started email bulletins.

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