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Friday 5th May 2006

8pm: Live blog of Any Questions?

5:45pm in ToryDiary: Losing here... - Conservative success against the Lib Dems

1.30pm: DARFUR

"Sudan's government and the main Darfur rebel group have agreed to sign a peace plan, a top U.S. envoy said Friday, marking major progress in an internationally backed effort to end the death and destruction in western Sudan.  But two of three rebel groups battling the Sudanese government and Arab militias in Darfur resisted intense pressure to sign the peace pact Friday, jeopardizing an accord aimed at resolving a crisis that has cost at least 180,000 lives and left two million starving in refugee camps."

- Wall Street Journal

Midday ToryDiary update: Sean Fear's analysis of the local election results
11.35am ToryDiary update: Tony Blair's 'Michael Howard reshuffle'?
11.00am rolling ToryDiary update: Blair reshuffles his pack
10.30am ToryDiary update: Reviewing ConservativeHome's benchmarks



Tim Montgomerie, Editor of ConservativeHome, answers your questions on the interview blog.

Peter Franklin on YourPlatform: Why the growth in air travel has to be stopped

Nominations for Compassionate Conservative - ToryDiary.


"On the projected share of the votes if the local polls were held nationwide, the Tories are on 40%, ahead of the Lib Dems' 27% and Labour's 26%. As well as net gains of more than 200 seats, the Tories have won control of councils like Crawley." - BBCi

David_cameron_1 "David Cameron celebrated his first electoral test as Conservative leader today, saying that he was a "happy man" after the Tories passed the totemic 40% share of the vote in last nights' local elections." - Guardian

Conservative Party - Great Election night for the Conservatives

See full results here.

Conservatives have twice as many Councillors as LibDems, UKIP have just one.


"The BNP's Richard Barnbrook made a point tonight of sarcastically thanking Ms Hodge for her "beautiful gift"."- BBCi


"Tony Blair will strip John Prescott of his departmental brief in a wide-ranging cabinet reshuffle today designed to reassert his grip on government..." - Guardian 


"Nick Pisani, the editor of the BBC One programme Question Time, resigned abruptly last night as news leaked out that he was to become head of presentation for David Cameron.  Mr Pisani, 44, will work directly with the Conservative leader and Shadow Cabinet members to try to improve and modernise the party’s image on television..." - Times


"The safest assertion is the general one, repeated by Mervyn King, the Bank of England governor, that the past decade or so has been exceptionally fortunate and that the years ahead may be more difficult. Meanwhile, those who want to criticise Mr Brown should concentrate on his obsession with micro-management and control freak measures rather than on macroeconomic imponderables that would probably be the same whoever was chancellor and whatever the party in office. The motto for the next prime minister and chancellor should be that of Thomas Jefferson: he governs best who governs least." - Samuel Brittan in the FT 


"Civilisation’s enemies in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere summarily and routinely execute innocent men and women — humanitarian workers, contractors, those who are deemed to have insulted their religion. America, confronted with the boastful confession of a man who conspired to kill thousands of its innocents, and who would, given the chance, willingly have liquidated every single American, chose to spare his life." - Gerard Baker in The Times 

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