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Wednesday 26th April 2006

Wednesday_133pm ToryDiary update: launches with £2,000 creative fund.

12.30pm ToryDiary update: PMQs focuses on the prisoner release scandal.

11.15am ToryDiary update: Tory activist's complaint against George Galloway is upheld.



Iain Dale: The ten most impressive new Tory MPs


"The proportion of black and ethnic minority people among the elite of Tory candidates will be greater than among the population as a whole, David Cameron said yesterday." - Guardian.

Did you see ToryDiary's exclusive on candidate selection from yesterday?


"The gaming industry's hopes for more Las Vegas-style super-casinos will be dashed tomorrow when the Conservatives rule out their support for plans to increase the number of properties...  However, the Tories will outline their opposition to an increase at a special seminar that will be attended by groups such as the Salvation Army and GamCare, which helps problem gamblers." - FT


"it is puzzling that green taxes have not caught on further. Instead we have a patchwork of schemes, often favouring particular constituencies. Rather than raising taxes on domestic heating, the government charges a reduced rate of VAT, a badly targeted attempt to help poorer households that discourages everyone from saving energy. Britain has a climate change levy, designed to encourage energy saving, but it does not distinguish between electricity generated by coal or by gas, although gas is far cleaner.  The Conservatives seem to be proposing a more straightforward tax on emissions of carbon dioxide. That would go much further towards combating climate change than Mr Cameron's choice of car." - FT leader

"Groups representing veterans who served in Japanese POW camps during the Second World War are highly upset by the decision to purchase a vehicle from the land of their former captors." - Independent diary on that Lexus purchase.


"The Conservatives have stepped up their criticism of the chancellor's planned changes to the inheritance tax system.  The party was on Wednesday hosting a summit on how to respond to a new "stealth tax" imposed in the Budget..." -


William Hague's speech to the new Conservative Human Rights Commission.

"‘Stalinists’ ruining the rural economy, says Tory Euro MP" - Herald

"National parties are a waste of time. Let's hear it for the independents" - Alice Miles, The Times

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