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Saturday 22nd April 2006


In YourPlatform today:

Community: Graeme Archer

ToryDiary: William Norton's Week at the Movies (part V) and James Morris writes his second canvass report from Camden

Votebluegetgreenwithdtc_2CHAMELEON CONTINUED

"Labour's Dave the Chameleon ad is a classic example of a dead metaphor, and rather embarrassing. When we say - and these days we very rarely do - that someone is "chameleon-like" we don't mean they are two-faced and hypocritical. Instead we think they are good at adapting to changed circumstances." - Simon Hoggart in The Guardian

"He's like a chameleon. Cunning. See what they're doing there? Changes colour. Will do anything to please the people he's hoping to serve. Except he's fundamentally blue. He's lots of colours, but there's a sort of secret level on which he's blue even when he isn't blue. He's a multicoloured blue chameleon." - Sam Leith in The Telegraph

Tim Ireland's popular spoof video.


"Since this newspaper hoisted the localist standard last year, David Cameron has taken up many of our ideas; and, to be fair, the Lib Dems are also devolutionists in their fashion. The trouble is that the Government, like all governments, is a defender of the standing bureaucracies that run our country. If only people's ballots were made to matter again, they would surely be less likely to screw them up and hurl them contemptuously at the system." - Telegraph leader


"As David Cameron crunched across a Norwegian icefield this week after an encounter with a shrinking glacier, Steve Hilton, the Tory leader's image-maker behind the trip, received a text message from an ally back in London. "Simply brilliant - that was worth a thousand speeches," it read." - Guardian

>>Read a Norwegian Conservative's account of the trip

"Party environment spokesman Tim Yeo wanted a £1,000 tax on petrol-guzzling 4x4s. But Mr Cameron blocked the move in the shadow cabinet to avoid alienating 4x4-owning Tory voters before last year's general election." - The Mirror

The Green party attacks the Conservative Party's local government record.

"David Cameron is facing criticism from green campaigners after failing to pick the most environmentally-friendly option in his choice of car, although his new vehicle will save the taxpayer money." - The Times

"The reason that Cameron has moved so quickly to mix green and blue - to turn the Tories turquoise - is, of course, in order to soften his party's image. Environmentalism has been chosen as the emollient cream which, when rubbed into the rough face of post-Thatcherite Conservatism, will render it instantly compassionate." - Robert Macfarlane in The Guardian


"City academies are placed in areas of considerable deprivation, where academic standards have long been poor. As they seek to take root in challenging terrain, it is unfair to expect them to transform all deprivation overnight. The initial evidence, however, is that they often enhance examination outcomes. That fact and those who back the schools should be applauded loudly. Academies are a noble experiment, not an exercise in being ennobled." - The Times leaderCharlesmoore_1

"Not many people who read this article send their children to city academies. And that, really, is the point. This innovation of the Blair Government, which built on the city technology colleges invented under Margaret Thatcher, is for people who do not read broadsheet newspapers; indeed, it is for people who often cannot read at all." - Charles Moore in The Telegraph


"Until a few years ago I, like most English people, thought of myself as British. Being English was something we did in our spare time, and gave little thought to. How times have changed. The Blair Government, devolution and the rule of a majority in Britain (the English) by a minority (the Scots) have all sharpened up the English mind and, with it, the desire for a sense of English national identity. This will be wonderfully apparent tomorrow, when we celebrate the Feast of St George." - Simon Heffer in The Telegraph


"There are fundamentally two approaches to environmental action - there is the negative environmentalism, full of doom and gloom, which thinks that improving the environment has to be through restricting foreign holidays, stopping economic growth, limiting trade, or curbing GDP. And then there is the positive environmentalism, which recognises the importance of technology, innovation and economic development, and practical measures by individuals" - Globalisation Institute


"In Cameron's case, not wearing a tie is clearly supposed to make Conservatives appear less old-school and establishment, as befitting a leader shy of 40 years of age. But interestingly, for the first time since Maggie Thatcher's handbags, Cameron and his team are also on to a wider fashion trend." - Financial Times


The Times: "Sandra Howard's hairdo for the election campaign was said to have cost the Conservatives less than 1per cent of the price of those for Cherie Blair."

icHuddersfield: Former Tory leader William Hague visited Huddersfield and expressed fears about the risk of protest votes going to the BNP.

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party reveals the loony dozen standing as OMRLP candidates.

Burnley Express: "After months as a lord-in-waiting, former Pendle MP Mr John Lee has finally been confirmed as a nobleman. Mr Lee was Conservative MP for Nelson and Colne, and then Pendle, between 1979 and 1992. He was defeated by Labour's Gordon Prentice."

CareNotKilling: Online petition against "the Joffe Bill".

Lancashire Evening Post: Lancaster's Conservative leader has decided to step down as head of the group after seven years.

The Sun: "A blonde author of racy novels is being tipped as a future Conservative MP. Louise Bagshawe, 34, has been picked by Tory leader David Cameron as a prospective candidate for the next Election."

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