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Saturday 11th February 2006

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ToryDiary: Prescott and Alastair Campbell attack Cameron for opportunism and triviality

Matthew Parris in The Times: "Dunfermline & West Fife was not about the Liberal Democrats, or David Cameron, or the Forth Road Bridge, or out-of-town shopping centres. Smudge the picture and understand that it was about two men, this Prime Minister and the next one, losing their grip. For Labour, the next general election is surely lost."

Washington Post: Dick Cheney touts new research body that will examine how tax cuts can stimulate economic growth and tax revenue:

"Treasury officials said yesterday that the president's proposed Division on Dynamic Analysis -- with a handful of employees and a $513,000 budget -- would go beyond the government's old "static" methods of analyzing proposed changes in tax policy only in terms of their direct effects on certain affected taxpayers. Instead, "dynamic" analysis looks at how tax changes cause consumers and businesses to behave differently in ways that affect the overall economy's growth."


ToryDiary: The Right Change


The Scotsman examines the post-byelection Labour infighting

Sir Ming Campbell: “Gordon Brown is the neighbouring MP. I think people will say ‘if Gordon Brown is going to be the Prime Minister, and he can’t hold a traditional Labour seat on his own back doorstep then just how is he going to go down in Essex or Surrey?’" - The Sun


Sir Ming Campbell: "The Cameron honeymoon is over" - Scotsman

Simon Heffer, Telegraph:

"Let us not forget, too, that this was the first by-election of Dave's reign as Tory leader. The tieless one made a film-star-style personal appearance up in Dunfermline, where, according to one of his local sycophants, he was "mobbed" on a walkabout. Despite his own huge personal magnetism, the Tories came a bad fourth and their vote fell another two per cent. If it goes much lower, they'll have to dig a hole in the ground to accommodate it. It has been a bad week for Dave, following his caning by Tony Blair at Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday. And, judging from the stubborn refusal of him and his pals to admit that they might just be a tad superficial and irrelevant, things can only get worse."

Arthur's Seat blog: "The Tories had a depressing evening - they must have hoped that the Dave Cameron effect would have pushed them to around 15% of the vote. Instead, it made it easier for their voters to shift to the LibDems. They were victims of a classic by-election squeeze. The Scottish Conservatives cannot rely on the Cameron coat-tails to return more Tory MSPs at next year's Scottish elections. They have to create their own reasons to persuade the electorate to look at them again. A good place to start would be to replicate the Policy Commissions that have garnered so much publicity - and momentum - for the party in England. Otherwise, Dunfermline will be the shape of things to come."


BBCi: "Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott is to launch Labour's first direct attack on Conservative leader David Cameron.  He will tell the party's spring conference in Blackpool that Mr Cameron is a "chameleon" without a clear political strategy."

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