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Thursday 24th November 2005

Leadership blog: Report on Sky News' TV debate



Leadership blog: Cameron more popular than Blair according to YouGov poll plus Sam Coates' report of last night's London Hustings.

Events Report: Ruth Lea Comes Out On EU Membership And Comes Out Fighting


Ann Treneman, The Times: "Peter Hain attempted to defend the indefensible yesterday but, try as he might, he could not hide the fact that he was holding a dead and stinking rat in his hand. The offending object was the Northern Ireland “On the Run” Bill."

Telegraph: "Tony Blair and Peter Hain, the Northern Ireland Secretary, faced a fierce and emotional backlash from MPs yesterday over legislation to allow fugitive terrorists to return without having to serve prison sentences.  The Bill will allow those wanted by police for some of the most heinous atrocities during the IRA's 30-year campaign to have their slate effectively wiped clean."

Telegraph leader: "The Government's general attitude to terrorism is now so twisted as to be preposterous. Mr Blair cannot, with moral logic, seek to jail those who plot or encourage such murder and mayhem as seen in London on July 7, but then let off those who engaged in identical activities only a few years earlier."


BBCi: "Tory leadership hopeful David Davis has warned against "nip-and-tuck" politics in a dig against rival David Cameron."

Epp_1Telegraph: "David Cameron was accused last night of watering down his Eurosceptic credentials as the Conservative leadership contest with David Davis reached a climax.  On the day of the two biggest hustings of the campaign and with almost 60 per cent of members having voted, the hot favourite faced accusations from the Davis camp of backtracking over his pledge to pull Tory Euro-MPs out of a pro-federal group in Strasbourg."

New Start magazine: "David Davis has detailed a new approach to social justice in his campaign to become the next leader of the Conservative Party.  Speaking at the Centre for Social Justice, the shadow home secretary outlined the need for greater rewards for successful voluntary groups, additional prison capacity and a new emphasis on drug rehabilitation to help transform Britain’s most marginalised communities."

The Guardian: "Senior Conservatives have put the party under pressure to address its lack of women MPs by backing a campaign for radical changes to selection procedures."


Rupert Murdoch "points to the launch of the Sun, which introduced competition in the popular press, the Wapping revolution, the modernisation of the Times and the development of satellite TV business BSkyB as his top achievements in the UK." - Guardian Brown calls for 2% pay restraint from two million public sector workers because of inflationary pressures.

New York Times: "Russia moved Wednesday to impose greater government control over charities and other private organizations, including some of the world's most prominent, in a move aimed at restricting foreign support for political activity in the country."


"What choc bars and other goods say about your politics"  The Western Mail finds that Tetley's tea and Galaxy chocolate are for LibDems, not Tories...

Have I missed any important story?
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