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Saturday 26th November 2005


Ferdinand Mount on the Commentators blog: The Tories and the LibDems Have Become Natural Allies

Archer_jeffreyLeadership blog: Lord Archer's return set to give new leader his first headache


The Times: Hague set to return

Times leader: The former party leader should accept the post of Shadow Chancellor

Play Fantasy Shadow Cabinet...

Brown_gordonGORDON BROWN'S PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE ON THE TURNER REPORT REIGNITES TENSIONS WITH TONY BLAIR "Chancellor Gordon Brown has requested an inquiry into the leaking of recommendations contained in Lord Turner's pensions report.  A Treasury-led inquiry will hope to uncover who leaked the details of the long-awaited commission report.  Earlier on Friday Downing Street was forced to deny claims it leaked parts of the much anticipated Pensions Commission report in order to undermine the chancellor."

Guardian leader: "The row over pensions this week strongly suggests that the [TB-GB] truce could collapse sooner rather than later. Even with the best will in the world, and granting that the Treasury is fully entitled to fight its corner on a big ticket issue like this, it is difficult to see Mr Brown's leaked letter to Lord Turner's pension commission as anything more than a deliberate attempt to wreck the Turner report before it is published next week."

Mail leader: "Sabotaged before he has even reported. Filleted like a kipper after all his crucially important work. Adair Turner of the Pensions Commission has reason to feel betrayed by the Government that set up his inquiry in the first place."


Guardian: "The confidential £1.5m deal that will see Bob Kiley, London's transport commissioner, leave his job in January but remain a consultant to the mayor of London is to be subjected to official scrutiny."

Guardian: "BBC governors yesterday upheld a complaint of bias against Radio 4 reporter Barbara Plett for a description of her tearful response to dying Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's final departure from the West Bank."

Have I missed any important story?
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