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Friday 25th November 2005


BBCi | Manchester United

3.30pm news updates:

  • "This month’s YouGov poll has one of the first significant changes in the levels of party support - the topline figures are CON 35%(+3), LAB 37%(-3), LD 20%(+1)." - UK Polling Report
  • "Gordon Brown's behaviour over Britain's pensions crisis should rule him out as a suitable successor to Tony Blair.  That was Michael Howard's message to the country just hours after the Labour Chancellor sabotaged landmark reforms of the state pensions system, drawn up by the Turner Commission at the request of the Prime Minister." -
  • LibDems surge in three council by-elections - Guardian
  • Tory Equality Spokeswoman Explains Party’s Gay Policies -


Leadership blog: Sun and Telegraph endorse David Cameron plus both contenders pledge to be Conservative Friends of Israel.

66868_1Platform blog: Nicholas Boys Smith describes how a Fair Conservatism can win the next election:

"The 1980s Conservative Ministries did not do enough. They liberated the market but they did not give enough Britons the tools to compete.  They freed the banks and the builders, but they did not liberate the people from a cloying, maliciously-coddling welfare system.  They did not set the people free from a glut of enterprise-stifling local councils and poor public services. They did not take on the dangerous politically correct mantras that marriage and a ‘proper education’ were mere Victorian vestiges. Above all, they did not liberate the poor from outrageously high levels of personal taxation.  Part of Britain was ‘Thatcherised.’ It is now rich and becoming richer. Part of Britain was not. It is not rich and not getting richer..."

Clive Davis: Drunks have rights, too.


Telegraph: "Voters' disillusionment with the Government coincides with public feeling that the Tories could be back in the running for the first time since they were swept from power by New Labour in 1997.  YouGov says that the Conservatives are now only two points behind Labour."


Ferdinand Mount in The Telegraph: "On issue after issue, the old abysses separating the Conservatives from the Liberal Democrats have narrowed or virtually disappeared. This week the two parties have joined in vigorously opposing the shameful let-off for IRA terrorists on the run. A couple of weeks ago, they made common cause to destroy the Government's attempt to introduce 90-day detention without charge for terrorist suspects."

The Independent: "Dodgy-sounding cocktails and illegal student substances have already been extensively debated by the Davids Cameron and Davis, but yesterday alcohol provided another flashpoint for the leadership campaigners.  Mr Davis, on the party's traditional wing, complained that binge drinkers upset respectable Conservative voters. He wanted their drinking habits curbed. But in the new-look Conservative Party that David Cameron wants to create, young revellers are seen instead as possible Tory voters."

The Telegraph reports David Cameron's view that leading the Tory Party might be a "nightmare job".

"Fox urges Blair to pressure Uganda over arrest of opposition leader" -


Leo McKinstry, The Times, calls for council tax cuts for people undertaking extensive voluntary work.


Independent: "Sexually transmitted diseases among young people are soaring, with record numbers of new infections diagnosed last year."

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