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Saturday 29th October 2005


Leadership blog: Another YouGov survey boosts David Cameron plus David Davis promises twenty new grammar schools for the inner cities


Times: "David Davis accused his Tory leadership rival David Cameron of being “equivocal” on tax cuts yesterday.  As the contest was thrown open to party members, Mr Cameron told the Shadow Home Secretary that his promise of tax savings worth £1,200 to the average family was “not sensible” so far from a general election.

Interview with David Davis in The Telegraph: "A Conservative government led by David Davis would make it a priority to reverse Labour's £5 billion-a-year tax grab on pension funds.  Mr Davis, interviewed in The Daily Telegraph today, said that Gordon Brown's raid on pensions was one of the "great scandals of the last decade - we have to look how to put that right"."

The Independent: "David Davis has told the Tories not to be afraid of saying things the voters do not yet want to hear as he resurrected the party's debate over tax cuts.  "We must recognise that controversy is our friend, not our enemy," he told a mixed audience of activists and undergraduates at London University yesterday. "If you stand up again and again for what you think, people begin to realise that you really mean it.""


YouGov survey in The Daily Telegraph: "According to YouGov's latest survey for The Daily Telegraph, four times as many voters think David Cameron would boost the Tories' chances of winning the next election as think the same of David Davis."

Mcintosh_1The Times on Anne McIntosh MP's Property Protection Bill "Residents would be allowed to use greater force against burglars under proposals launched by the Conservatives yesterday.  Under a Tory Private Member’s Bill, only those who used “grossly disproportionate force” against an intruder would be liable for prosecution.  It is the third attempt in the past two years to change the law on how far residents can go to protect themselves against intruders. The previous two attempts were blocked by the Government, and yesterday Fiona MacTaggart, the Home Office minister, said that it would quash this attempt too."

Telegraph: "Sir Malcolm, the shadow work and pensions secretary, said that since 1997 the amount of household income saved each year had been cut by almost half, from nearly 10 per cent to around 5.5 per cent.  His Rights of Savers Bill would create a new Savings and Retirement Account, or SaRa, which would be available for people to save long-term in a simple, single pensions pot."


BushflagTimes leader: "It would be premature to assume that Mr Bush’s days of effectiveness are over. Republicans still hold majorities on Capitol Hill. A sound Supreme Court nominee to replace the witless Harriet Miers would rebuild bridges with the Right. Neither is Mr Bush’s legacy necessarily lost. Iraq is soon to elect its first government. The US economy is growing at a healthy lick. Mr Bush will survive “Miers-Plame-Libby-DeLay-gate”. But to prosper, he needs to recapture his authority, and quickly."

In today's Guardian James Harkin offers a sceptical looks at The Wisdom Of Crowds idea - defined here within conservativehome's dictionary.

Michael Crichton reviews five books that question conventional wisdom on the environment (Wall Street Journal).


BBCi: "The Iraq war and its aftermath cost the UK almost £3.1bn up to the end of March this year, new figures from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) reveal."


The Independent lists "The top 10 gadgets we'll be lusting after in 2006"

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