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Monday 31st October 2005

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Leadership blog: David Cameron's support amongst MPs reaches 100 (half of the parliamentary party) plus Oliver Letwin emerges as powerful force within the Cameron campaign as the frontrunner embraces his ideas on independent verification of carbon reductions.

Commentators Blog: John Leo on how the Deaniacs are today's McGovernites.


Jackie Ashley examines the Cameron-as-heir-to-Blair speculation: "One doesn't usually think of Tony Blair as a man with a devilish sense of humour. But unless reports from those close to him are wide of the mark, we had better start hoping so. For the message is going forth from Downing Street that he would prefer anyone but Gordon Brown to be his successor - and yes, that may even include a moderate, centre-right David Cameron, who seems to be emerging as an identikit Blair and has privately described himself as "Blair's heir". It is a joke, surely, mere tail-tweaking malice by messengers bitter about the chancellor. Or is it evidence that when Blair talks of legacy, and the need for a new consensus, he is now looking beyond Labour?" (Guardian)


BlunkettGuardian: "David Blunkett invested £15,000 in a DNA testing firm last spring to help pay the huge legal bills incurred in his paternity battle with Kimberly Quinn, the mother of his infant son, it emerged last night, as Conservative MPs demanded his resignation from the Blair cabinet.  In the wake of reports that he failed to seek advice from one of Lord Nolan's standards committees on his relationship with the private company, DNA Bioscience, the works and pensions secretary won No 10's backing, though some Labour MPs and ministers were uneasy."

Times: "The leader of the Scottish Conservatives appeared to be in deepening political trouble last night in the row over his parliamentary expenses after a survey of key party figures showed that more than one third wanted him to resign.  A newspaper survey of 59 Scottish Tory constituency party chairmen found that only just over half — 58 per cent — thought that David McLetchie should lead the party into the 2007 Holyrood elections.  According to the poll, 23 per cent believe that he should resign immediately, 11 per cent think the party should have a new leader before 2007 and 8 per cent are undecided."


Melanie Phillips, Daily Mail: "Since Dr Andrew Wakefield first triggered the furore over a possible link between autism, bowel disease and the measles, mumps and rubella triple jab in 1998, the controversy has never died away. Now a study by the respected Cochrane Library has said, on the basis of 31 pieces of research into the possible side effects of MMR, that it found no association between MMR and autism... This is a load of old baloney. [People] should start by reading the actual study rather than lazily recycling the press release. For the study didn’t say anything like this at all."

The Morning Star reviews Geoffrey Wheatcroft's The Strange Death of Tory England.

OTHER NEWS "Labour MPs will today discuss the government's plan to replace the Trident  nuclear weapons system at a meeting of the parliamentary party.  MPs have tabled a motion questioning "the wisdom of spending billions on Trident replacement"."

Telegraph: "The United States military has for the first time admitted that it is keeping records of Iraqi deaths as it disclosed that it estimates 26,000 to have been killed or injured by insurgents since January last year."

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