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Saturday 20th August 2005


Commentators blog: Kristol, McElvoy and Reid - Stay the course in Iraq

Leadership blog: Cameron calls for users to help pay for new motorways and expanded higher education

Leadership blog: David Davis to unveil supporters throughout September in rolling thunder campaign


"It’s about the Game. It’s about jousting. It’s about personality, performance, plots, ploys and counter-ploys. With sinking heart I realise that I and my ilk are really no more than sports commentators of a rarefied sport..."

...Matthew Parris: How political punditry imitates sports reporting - Times

Charles Moore: No church should host Hollywood's filming of the silly Da Vinci Code - D Tel

Guardian leading article: UK acts to stop poaching of medical staff from sub-Saharan Africa

Bartle Breese Bull: What's at stake in the Iraqi constitutional negotiations - Wall Street Journal

Linda Bilmes: The war in Iraq is costing America $6bn a month - New York Times

Conservative News

Interview with David Cameron on his radical plans for new ways of funding public services - FT

Windsor's new MP Adam Afriyie has married policy analyst Tracy-Jane Newall - icBerkshire

Other News

Some London police constables are earning £50,000 in overtime - Times

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