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Yet again they're trying to get copy the Obama strategy, without realising that Obama's stregnth wasn't using the internet himself so much as engagin other people to use it.
Still it's easy to see why Clegg and Cameron have been compared to and drawn inspiration from Obama. the generation between the Baby Boomers and Generation X…Generation Jones. there's been quite a lot of buzz about this and I think it's fascinating. It makes sense to me that buzz has started about this because a similar buzz was developing around the time that Obama got elected in the U.S. and between his election and inauguration, the U.S. media buzzed a lot about Obama representing Generation Jones, which was taking the torch of leadership from the Boomers, etc. If Cameron (or Clegg) win here, this GenJones buzz will grow big, I bet.

I really liked this article in the Indy a couple of days ago about GenJones: http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/jonathan-pontell-cleggs-rise-is-the-sound-of-generation-jones-clearing-its-throat-1961191.html


Reminds me of the Mao Mao uprising when some of the Kikuyu were found with guns carved of wood and blessed by witchdoctors.

Like the Tories with the internet, they confused form with function.

All buying this space does is remind people that this is the Rage Against The Machine election.

Nobody who uses Youtube is going to be impressed by the Tories attempt to buy it.

Quite the opposite.


Cleggmania, they are using the adspace, try not to be such a drama queen.

I think your attempts to slag off the Tory party for using modern media to reach undecided voters on polling day is a little shallow...

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