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Seth Gillette

Great for the Cornish tourist board - look at that beautiful sun and sea!

A true Blue ocean?!

West London Tory

Ah the sight of (my original) home!

Caroline Righton is an excellent candidate for St Austell and Newquay and fingers crossed she can edge the Lib Dems on Thursday.

Nicky McLaughlin

Great choice of location; someone was thinking ahead there. Just be thankful weather was good, or there may have been 'can he weather the storm' etc headlines!!

Span Ows

Very topical too...clear blue water.

Tony Makara

Cornwall is the jewell in our crown. However, I say that with some bias as I descend from the Vincent and Tregascour families of Penzance and Truro.

People often don't believe that palm trees grow in the duchy and that sharks swim off the Cornish coast, but its very true.

About time old Kernow was rid of those sharks in LibDem colours who ruin the region with their punitive policies.


Best wishes for Caroline Righton! I know she will make an excellent M.P!


Great pictures, it's difficult to sum up in one word but I would say 'fresh'. Thank god Cameron came along despite what the detractors say.


Beautiful picture of Nick Clegg canvasing inside a sex shop.


Tony Makara

Tapestry, perhaps Clegg is checking out the health and safety aspect, so that LibDem policy of allowing 16 year old schoolchildren to work part-time in sex-shops can go ahead?

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Let us just do it

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