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Super Blue

Look forward to a couple of hundred Labour MPs being exterminated next week.

Interestingly, I read today that a FibDem executive member, who would be in position to authorise a coalition, plays a Cyberman. Have Cybermen and Daleks ever been seen together before?


How apt! The inside of a Dalek holds a malevolent blob of slime, sounds like your typical Conservative MP.

John Moss

How typical, Stephen.

An offensive, personal slur from a socialist. You can't get past your hate, can you?

Tories don't hate socialists. We hate socialism - we pity socialists!

Gospel of Enoch

Labour seems to have notched David Tennant and John Pertwee's son.

But former Who regular, Capt. Mike yates, aka actor Richard Franklin, trumps them, because is a regular candidate (yes, candidate) for UKIP!

I wonder if the Dim Libs can claim any Who association? (apart from the fantasy aspect of their manifesto :-) )

John Ward

As I posted at Tom Harris's blog, I think the Dalek is saying:

"Would-you-care-for-some-tea? And-a-Da-vid-Cam-er-on-cup-cake?"

Gospel of Enoch

Or UKIP Fruitcake?



should of had the new blue daleks.

Stuart Quinn-Harvie

I can guarantee that the Hancock associates won't be impressed...
I am fairly sure no happy sod thought to get permission from them to do this.

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