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Chris Paul

Bit silly. Clearly people holding the door supposedly out of shot for tracking 3-shot for TV. Untrustworthy stills or vt photographers shouldn't be allowed "on set" where the "backstage" is visible. This is like one of those pictures behind a gorgeous model doing a head and shoulders displaying all the clothes pegs and so on achieving the look. Waste of time. People work this out. You look like a complete bunch of cons.


Brilliant! That's the way to do it.
Bruin (literally) walked right into that one. Witty and pokes fun without being nasty, yet makes him look the complete arse that he is.

Sally Roberts

Chris Paul. It's a *joke*. You know - the kind of thing people with a sense of humour laugh at...

It doesn't add up...

Then there's Mandy ballroom dancing or trying to catch £50 notes while advertising his £2.4 million Regents Park mansion...



There is a serious message here, namely that Brown is the PM who truly believes that he has a right to govern, a man who was crowned rather than elected in a deal done with Tony Blair and reinforced by a political harrassment campaign, the like of which has only ever been used by errant medieval monarchs.


Pathetic. Truly pathetic. Six form politics at it worst.

Super Blue

Very good - and I bet our Monty REALLY enjoyed putting up the second one;)

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