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I am a big fan- always have been- although, may I confess, I do like East 17 too!

Gary- you have spent well over a decade making good music and your contribution to British culture has been enormous.

Thanks for that.


this is an embarassment. whoever scheduled this for the morning after the tv debates needs whipping. the kind of lightweight flakey images dave should be doing his utmost to avoid. who next...little and large?

Last of the famous international playboys


it's me, Morrissey.

Followed by the Gallagher brothers.

Then Jedward.


After being castigated for being vacuous this picture is damning for Cemeron - the X-Factor policy is a joke.

The man has no policies.

I understand The Sun is VERY worried that they might not have backed the winner.


Cameron will win the debate next week and the Tories will win the election by a landslide

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