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Bill Sikes' Dog

Don't forget to vote Labour , Mum

Or Social Services might come and take me away .

Graeme Kemp

How funny! Still it won't win many votes for the Tories.

Labour remain better on most issues, including support for pensioners.

Bill Sikes' Dog

Forget about voting Labour , Mum .

Graeme Kemp is spreading ' Brownies '

christina Speight

Better for pensions? Where, Graeme, do you live? In Never-Never Land?

Almost the first thing he did was wreck the world's finest pension schemes by removing tax emption from them He stole £5 billion a year - that's £565 billion by now and rising. Some had saved hard all their life and saw it nicked by the odious Brown.

christina Speight

Whoops! Typo - NOT £565 bn - a still horrendous theft of £65bn ,

Matt King

If he hadn't stolen the pension money would all those 50 somethings have felt the need to invest in buy to let flats to pay for their retirement? fueling a property boom, helped by easy credit in
a 'light touch' de-regulated banking industry, saddling first time buyers with huge mortgages in the process, who then have nothing to spare to save towards their old age
whilst also paying back a loan for a degree which won't get them a decent job, because industry is shot, because
all the hot money has gone into the property market
because gordon brown stole from the pensions...and round we go

still at least he managed to get rid of that gold at a cracking price

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!


Scarlet Majors

The key lesson for next time ref posters:

Do not leave huge areas of block colour which are easy to Photoshop with text.

Make the background complicated just as our team has now twigged. Crowd scenes are far too time consuming.

A nerd writes.


"Labour remain better on most issues, including support for pensioners."

My wife's pension has just been pushed back a year. She was supposed to get it next year. That was the deal. What happens next year, do they push it back again? Thanks Gordon

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