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Cllr Graham Smith

French Social Model

"If the French social model is so great, why is the country in flames?"
Peter Mandleson, European Trade Commissioner, speaking on BBC Newsnight programme Monday 14 Nov 2005.


I notice the Dictionary doesn't include Cultural Marxism, the postmodernist blending of Marx and Nietszche ("God is dead - or he will be, after we've finished with him") originating with the Frankfurt School and promulgated by Gramsci in the '60s that has now succeeded in dominating politics and society in Britain and most of the western world. Around half the contributors to CH seem to subscribe to CM norms to some degree.


Can't see anything on drugs or gun crime on this website.

Why not? Because David Cameron has a druggie background?


Deadly accurate awensr. You've hit the bullseye!

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