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Sean Fear

I, for one, am not sorry to see the back of uber-modernisation, as described by Danny Finklestein in the Times. A thoroughly cynical and second rate approach to politics.


Thanks Sean. I'd forgotten about DF's piece. I've now added it as a 'Related link'.


Gideon is progressively becoming the lead Conservative of choice for conservatives.I suspect he is brighter and more streetwise than many of his peers .

Ash Faulkner

"...as voters would not stop believing that the Tories were the party of Euroscepticism and a tough approach to crime."

I'm sorry, but is that not a) what we are, and b) extremely popular with the public?

Good God, these people need to get out of the Westminster bubble.

Tony Makara

A political party that does not evolve in order to respond to the needs of contemporary society is doomed to extinction. David Cameron has made the Conservative party electable because he recognized that the party must reflect 21st attitudes. Those who stand still end up going backwards.

Moral minority

Uber-modernisation is a great term to describe the green and "liberal" fascists who contaminated our great Conservative party with their green, sexist, PC quisling agenda.


Moral Minority... some of your posts are extremely obscure. Are you actually Norman Tebbit?

GO hit the nail on the head when he said that we need to talk about issues like the NHS, green taxes etc but not at the expense of lower taxes smaller government.

A party that talks about more than just its core values is a party that is capable of getting elected.

Moral Minority: please refer to election results from 1997, 2001, 2005.

Rupert Butler

Nick and Moral Majority neatly encapsulate our Party’s current problem. MM is almost incoherent because he knows his ideals are being quite ignored. Nick is securely in the mode and feels free to scorn those who are not. “Uber-modernisation” is both modish and intrinsically meaningless.

Nick's blithe reference to the last three failed campaigns is thoughtless, proving not what he pretends.

For different reasons our leaders between 1997 and 2005 were inadequate. From Sep 92 John Major failed to hold his parliamentarians together and in 1995 those parliamentarians blew their chance to deal with the problem. Those that survived 1997 remain even now in guilty denial, so the newer Members receive no proper example from their seniors.

By abdicating the choice of leader to the voluntary party, all our parliamentarians have reserved to themselves the right not to support him. DC's political support in parliament is shallow for this reason. In fair weather he gets away with the marketing approach to policy; but most conservatives (a “moral majority” even ?) know - and the electorate may yet decide - that DC's Conservative Party has as yet no coherent policy to save our economy and to restore our good government.


Gordon Brown maybe our Prime Minister but in reality he is no logner the leader of this great country. Perhaps if he were to actually commit to an idea or acknowledge some of the difficult choices we as a country have to make he would receive some leadership recognition. However, as it stands, Cameron is the only Party Leader who looks fit for office. whilst great for conservatives like us, this is a dire state for the British political system. I, like many, want a strong political system in place with choices at the moment our only choice is Cameron. Thank God he's a Tory!


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