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Selsdon Man

The problem is that Dreher wants to use the state to impose his vision of society on the rest of us. That's not crunchy, it is fascist.


i think he sounds great, i would agree with a lot of what is being said, though i need to read the book before i can be fully sure.

Old Hack

Another crunchy con may be one Zak Goldsmith?

When it comes to the crunch I suspect they are not as Tory as one might like to believe.

John Hustings

The definition sounds rather like what might be called a small "c" conservative. It seems to be conservativism without the belief in markets.


The reference to Russell Kirk suggests you might be right, John.

matt wright

I think there are very important elements to this artcile that we should take on board. I don't buy the full list but I do know that many people today feel strongly that there is more to life than work and money and are looking for politicians to address the qualitative issues,


James Hellyer

Big business deserves as much skepticism as big government.

Does small business escape skepticism then? Small businesses can be just as exploitative as any large business, and often far more protectionist.

It's easy to see that many local businesses' stands against supermarkets are aimed more at protecting their right to rip off local consumers than they are by any commitment to offering a good deal to consumers.

This sort of emphasis in "crunchy conservatism" shows its limitations.

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