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retail slutYes Davey you are tres gay and I really get annyoed at people who keep telling you to butch it up. I don't think I'm either a masculine or fem gay, but I's rather surprised at a lot of my straight friends who are actually shocked when I reveal it. I don't say girlfriend or her when I'm around other gay friends or refer to females as fish. I live in Long Beach instead of West Hollywood as the latter I can only take in small doses now. If I lived in Santa Monica I could be by the ocean and WEHO would be just too easy. I don't wrap presents, prefering to give the gifts in the bags provided and save the bags others give me. I don't even know the hanky code but that alone has not resulted in my gay card being revoked. I'm not particularlily a fan of Lady Ga Ga and if I receive some kind of ticket where she is appearing I give it away.If people like my taste in artwork and furniture, I'm over it now in helping them decorate. Just because I know good taste in what a woman wears does not make me proan to dress as one. I guess I'm just not your typical f*g. ( I can use that word now as African Americans call each other the N word because they CAN.)

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