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he’d produce, and raeglur appearances by Romney naysayers Dick Morris and Bill Kristol, along with other intangibles, that combine to keep me aware. I think it’s safe to say that those of the FOX Five who truly intend to become presidential candidates and their supporters are pleased with the advantages they have NOW. Romney’s distinction of being the only potential Republican presidential candidate not currently in elected office and not employed by FOX News gives him the advantage of not being beholden to a news network and the freedom to take the hard questions from outside the safe zone – from which Romney has never shied. In this respect, Romney is the TRUE rogue. His not being part of the FOX Five is also being noted by Independents, which could be to his advantage. It will be interesting to see how it all balances out.In my opinion, it’s not a question of whether Romney should be employed by FOX or not. It’s the current slant and how FOX will cover candidates once the race for 2012 is officially underway. Will they be fair and balanced? Should favoritism continue for any candidate who was once employed by them, I believe it will be to the detriment of that candidate and FOX. America is watching. RE the Top 10 Republican Pundits: I also think Laura Ingraham and Joe Scarborough (though not a favorite) should be added – above Huckabee. Since Hannity often refers to Mark Levin as ‘the great one’ I am surprised he didn’t make the cut. Not being a presence on television may be a factor. On a personal note, I like Hugh Hewitt.


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